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Break out the Champers Liberal & National Voters. Your achievements this week…

Well its the weekend Liberal & National Voters all around our wonderful country of Australia.  Get your Champers cracking because this week you have achieved…

Hitting the Disadvantaged where it hurts..Plans to Cut up to $250 dollars a fortnight from people with a disability by moving them from the Disability Support Pension to NewStart. http://www.greens.org.au/news/income-management-and-disability-support-cuts-government%E2%80%99s-agenda

Ignoring the Needs of Regional Australia..Ripped funding from Australian Universities making it harder for Regional Universities to compete and improve http://www.qt.com.au/news/900-million-cut-to-government-support/2092922/

Insulting our hard working Baby Boomers…Wyatt Roy pushing for Baby Boomers to stay in work longer, because he is sick and tired of his younger generation ‘propping them up’  http://media.smh.com.au/news/national-times/wyatts-word-to-baby-boomers-4946030.html

Come on Ye Racists Hear Hear! Caused a protest from the Indigenous, Jewish, Arab, Chinese, Greek, Armenian, Lebanese & Muslim populations against your proud plans to weaken racial discrimination laws http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/indigenous-ethnic-groups-unite-against-law-changes-20131120-2xvwe.html

If the USA can do it….Treasurer Hockey threatened to “Shut Down” Australia as USA did recently, if the increase to the debt ceiling isn’t passed (without figures to substantiate it of course). This will cause massive job losses and losses to vital services http://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2013/11/hockey-has-gone-too-far/

Get Up!  Should Get Out…Despite tens of thousands of people marching for action on climate change around the country, they were ignored and a move to repeal a price on carbon, abolish the Climate Change Authority and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation were passed in the lower house http://www.news.com.au/national/breaking-news/parliament-set-to-vote-on-carbon-tax/story-e6frfku9-1226765044549

Kissing Babies is only for Elections…Threatening to send a two week old baby to Nauru. A baby who is having difficulties breast feeding and needs proper care. Causing an intervention from Lawyers http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/asylumseeker-and-newborn-baby-get-court-order-to-stop-move-to-nauru-20131122-2y1ur.html

Yup we’s da backward yokels from down under… Australia is now labelled “Obstructionist” in reforms for climate change and caused countries to walk out of the Warsaw Climate Talks in disgust due to our backward and selfish stance on assisting developing countries combat climate change. http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/australia-under-fire-at-un-climate-negotiations-20131122-2y1ph.html

Neighbours, everybody needs good Neighbours…Or so we thought.. Abbott has Damaged our relationship with Indonesia, which is set to cripple a multi-million dollar cattle export trade http://www.theage.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/indonesia-suspends-police-cooperation-in-phone-tapping-fallout-20131122-2y1p6.html

Are foreigners Human Beings…Not according to the Coalition Govt.  Still standing firm on their stance to provide aid in the form of boats to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a non-transit country for Asylum seekers and a country where Asylum seekers are fleeing from. The coalition stands proud in assisting to return the persecuted to the persecutors. “It saddens me that the Australian Prime Minister fails to understand that the root cause of our asylum seeker crisis here is human rights abuses and the ongoing genocide of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka” Sam Pari spokeswoman for the Australian Tamil Congress. 

Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you are going to get….Well maybe so, but that shouldn’t be the case with the Speaker of the house. Bronwyn Bishop has refused to remove herself from party meetings, so she is aware of party attacks and uses “We” in parliament demonstrating her bias. http://www.canberratimes.com.au/comment/speaker-of-the-house-should-not-be-a-partys-political-pawn-20131121-2xyjc.html

That was the week that was 17-23 November 2013. Anyway enjoy your week end coalition voters. Absolutely amazing effort this week. Don’t drink too much, you need to stand proud and all that…Cheers. See you next week.

Think Before you Vote.  Join a political party like the ALP or Greens or other left wing/progressive parties. Get Active. Get Engaged. Discuss issues with family and friends. Share information on Social Media. Join Get Up! Read a wide range of news media. Work hard to prevent right wing Governments like the Liberal-National Coalition destroying our great country, embarrassing us on the world stage and instilling great hardship on our loved ones, friends and neighbours and on our communities. You CAN make a difference!

About trishcorry

I love to discuss Australian Politics. My key areas of interest are Welfare, Disadvantage, emotions in the workplace, organisational behaviour, stigma, leadership, women, unionism. I am pro-worker and anti-conservativism/Liberalism. You will find my blog posts written from a Laborist / Progressive Slant.


34 thoughts on “Break out the Champers Liberal & National Voters. Your achievements this week…

  1. trish thanks for all your hard work,, great to have one list on sat morning to share, I think it will be read more


    Posted by martha | November 22, 2013, 8:59 pm
  2. Great summary well done – can’t believe people actually expected anything different from the self centered conservatives


    Posted by Nick Jatan | November 22, 2013, 9:01 pm
  3. To the barricades!! – and I mean it! Two months in and the most shitful government in Australia’s history – already time for them to go.


    Posted by edward eastwood | November 22, 2013, 9:01 pm
    • Thanks Edward – yes well overdue for them to go. DD now!


      Posted by trishcorry | November 23, 2013, 12:58 am
      • Dunno if we can force a DD due to the lack of numbers in the House of Reps. What we can do however, is keep up the pressure in the blogosphere and force Abbott’s removal as leader due to internal and external polling results (ain’t it strange that we haven’t seen any of those lately – two/three months ago they were issued on an hourly basis.) While the MSM and particularly the Murdoch media is trying to sweep this issue under the carpet, it just isn’t going to go away so easily. What these stupid bastards don’t seem to realise is that they’re not living in the 20th century but in the 21st and the old ways of communication and dissent have been replaced by social networks, bloggers, tweeters, FB fiends etc.. and that this is far more powerful and far reaching than their limited imaginations can encompass, so keep blogging! In the meantime, I suggest you visit ‘Cafe Whispers’ in the Aus.Politics section of WordPress and read the comments or you can read my own scribblings at The Mugwump Post also in the same category at WordPress.
        Keep blogging! United We Stand!
        As the Hacktavists at Anonymous say ‘We don’t forgive and we sure as shit ain’t gonna forget! Are you listening Tony?


        Posted by edward eastwood | November 23, 2013, 1:26 am
  4. The ALP has a proud record of being progressive in the past. But most would not call the ALP a ‘left wing party’, for quite some time now. The ALP must reform its own policies re asylum seekers before it can be said to be progressive again.


    Posted by James Fuller | November 23, 2013, 1:42 am
  5. Edward the government currently doesn’t have the numbers in the senate to force their bills through, that’s where the opposition and greens can reject the bill if they won’t accept the amendments offered for the repeal and their increase in the debt ceiling. Then of course it is up to Abbott and co if they choose to bring the bills back for the second vote before a double dissolution election will be forced or not.


    Posted by Chris | November 23, 2013, 2:10 am
  6. I would like to thank you Trish, I enjoy reading your posts, the good old Aussie tell it as you see it approach, maybe you need to be our next female PM. At least we the voters will know where you truly stand….. Why don’t we repeat history and have the Queen step in and sack this government, like she has once before. This could be the only true way of Australia being saved from total destruction.
    Just a thought.

    Thank you again.


    Posted by Debbie | November 23, 2013, 3:36 am
    • Wow Thank you for your lovely words. I do love politics, but I’d probably be more of a behind the scenes researcher. I would love one day to be a member of the Senate, but that is just a dream really. I would love to work doing research of some sort for politicians one day when the children all grow up. Only two teens to go!


      Posted by trishcorry | November 23, 2013, 4:00 am
  7. Reblogged this on uknowispeaksense.


    Posted by uknowispeaksense | November 23, 2013, 4:26 am
  8. Great reading, need to get this information out there, we cannot relie on the printed media to do their job.


    Posted by David Tattersall | November 23, 2013, 7:45 am
  9. Wonderful post, very informative yet concise. Will you be compiling weekly reports like this? I would really love to share 🙂


    Posted by Chimpangie | November 23, 2013, 10:40 am
  10. Also repealed the mrrt, which affects back to school bonus, small business tax breaks and low income support business, as well as a few other things, all while telling us his carbon tax repeal is a nice xmas pressy for the people of australia.


    Posted by marie | November 23, 2013, 10:41 am
  11. Excellent blog well done


    Posted by Lynda | November 24, 2013, 12:27 am
  12. Whatever happens from here on in I get the sense it will be all downhill. Being australian feels very unaustralian at the moment! Thinking maybe time for some civil disobedience, although in Queensland we will get arrested, mind you in Queensland my family Xmas could have a visit by the police, more than12 of us at the table, always rowdy!


    Posted by Gillian | November 24, 2013, 2:38 am
  13. Nice compendium… will share at large…


    Posted by lawrencewinder | November 24, 2013, 9:59 pm
  14. You missed the abolishing of science minister and the very clear message regarding the LNP views on women.


    Posted by Ben | November 25, 2013, 7:39 am
    • Hi Ben that was the week before. I did those on my own FB page. I probably should compile them and do the two previous weeks I’ve done already and post them on here. Yes, I have a letter to the PM re: women. I’m nearly finished and I’ll post it on here, once it is sent. Stay tuned.


      Posted by trishcorry | November 25, 2013, 8:26 am
  15. Hi Trish! Came to your site via uknowispeaksense and am suitably impressed. I note that the Lavartus Prodeo blog quotes this hideous lot axeing the miserable $3 a week raise for child care workers. Anything to do with Messrs Kroger and Peacock’s heavy involvement in the industry? Feel sure you will turn up something if you investigate. Meanwhile, aut Australia, aut nihil! The poet Evan Elpus.


    Posted by John Bond | November 25, 2013, 5:15 pm
  16. Trish you have captured succinctly where the Abbott government is failing. The latest polls are not a reflection on how well the opposition is performing after losing an election but how poorly the government is performing after winning one.


    Posted by Scott | November 25, 2013, 9:41 pm
    • Thanks Scott. Yes, I agree somewhat. I also feel that the public are realising that the ALP is actually for the people and the LNP are ripping it all to shreds. It can be plainly seen by their broken promises and reversal of plans such as Gonski.


      Posted by trishcorry | November 25, 2013, 11:47 pm
  17. This needs to be done on the regular! Guaranteed increased readership if you can succinctly collate and expose the government’s failures on a weekly or fortnightly basis. 😀


    Posted by Howl Huxley | November 26, 2013, 1:35 pm

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Trish Corry



I love to discuss Australian Politics. My key areas of interest are Welfare, Disadvantage, emotions in the workplace, organisational behaviour, stigma, leadership, women, unionism. I am pro-worker and anti-conservativism/Liberalism. You will find my blog posts written from a Laborist / Progressive Slant.

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