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Boys Club Beneficiary Gives Opinion On Quotas and the Quality Of Women

abbott-on-womenThis week we have witnessed white people instructing Aboriginal people about what is or is not racism. We have witnessed the Speaker of the House who has been exposed to be a serial breaker of rules, receive backing from the Prime Minister to remain in the job which will decide who else breaks the rules. Now we have Jamie Briggs, Member for Mayo, a former PM staffer elevated into a blue ribbon seat by The Boys Club, giving his opinion on ‘quotas and the quality of women in parliament.’  Has the world gone mad?

Just like Ron Boswell on Q & A last week; Jamie Briggs, Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development – is the perfect example of an ignorant, shouty, self-important, narcissistic male politician who thinks they can either talk over the top of women, or view what women have to say as irrelevant. Politicians such as Briggs think that the only opinion that matters is the opinion of conservative men. Politicians like Briggs believe that politics is the rightful place of men. Such audacity coming from a man who was projected into a safe Liberal seat by the Liberal Party Boys Club. You can read the expose of Briggs’ trashy comments by Max Chalmers here in The New Matilda.  

Politicians such as Briggs take a dig at a Quota system, but he doesn’t stop for a minute to acknowledge ‘jobs for the boys’ as quota based at all.  He must have a short memory or must be extremely ignorant if he believes that Springborg was appointed Leader of Queensland LNP over Fiona Simpson, based on merit. He must amnesia if he can’t remember The Liberal Party Boys Club – the prominent and powerful men who backed his own candidate bid for the seat of Mayo.

Let’s have a quick look at the members of the Boys Club who helped out their mate Briggs:

Downer stepped down from the front bench after the election and announced his resignation from parliament on July 14, 2008, initiating a by-election on September 6. The Liberal preselection was won by Jamie Briggs, whose work in the Prime Minister’s Office as chief adviser on industrial relations linked him closely and perhaps dangerously with the development of WorkChoices. Backed by John Howard, Alexander Downer and state party operative Chris Kenny, Briggs won the pre-selection vote in the seventh round by 157 to 111 over Iain Evans, former state Opposition Leader and member for Davenport. The Australian reported Briggs was pushed over the line by the preferences of third-placed Matt Doman, a former staffer to Right faction warlord Senator Nick Minchin. (Exerpt Courtesy of Crikey)

So there we go, a PM staffer winning a candidate bid over a former experienced State Opposition Leader. I’m sure it is all merit based.  Let’s weigh the candidate bid up: Giving advice to the PM on the worst Industrial Relations Policy Australia has ever had (Briggs) versus experience as a former State Opposition Leader and experience as the Minister for Environment & Heritage, Industry & Trade and Recreation, Sport and Racing (Evans). Yep, checks out as merit based. Nothing Boys-Club-Smelly about that at all.

I often think of ‘jobs for the boys’ like this:

Hubby and his mates are sitting on the couch watching the television. His wife has just cooked a delicious meal which hubby and the boys have just finished. His wife has just baked a chocolate cake for desert and places it on the coffee table in front of them.  His wife goes off to clean up all the dirty plates, wash up, sweep and mop the floor.  When his wife finishes all the work, she goes into the lounge-room for her piece of cake.  There is one piece just sitting there. She steps towards it. Hubby puts his hand over the top of the cake. “Hang on love.” He says.  “Any of you boys want another?” The boys all nod in agreement. Hubby then has a joke and a tussle around with the boys and they all decide which one of boys gets the last piece. It was Dave.

The moral of the story is: No matter how great a woman’s work is, or how much hard work women do, often, when men are in power to decide what women get for their efforts; they will have a woman’s cake and eat it too.

At the ALP National Conference last weekend, the ALP decided to raise the bar and achieve 50% of women in parliament by 2025.  In light of this, some Liberal Party women are also pushing for an increase. This is not a new push for Liberal Party women. Liberal Party women have raised this issue many times before. In light of this fact, I question why this is not a prominent topic for discussion, considering the Liberal Party are in Government and the leader of their party is indeed the Minister for Women.  It could possibly be that the boys are too busy eating cake.

I have outlined some of the reasons why we need to redress the imbalance of women in politics and I have outlined some of the challenges faced by women in the Liberal party.  I have also briefly outlined my personal view, that we need to ensure that we use quotas in a fair and just way.

It is concerning that not only are women under-represented in Australian politics, but Australia is ranked number 44/142 countries for women in national parliaments.  According to UNWomen in Politics 2015; Australia only has 26.7% of women in Parliament.

The Australian Government Office for Women, which is part of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet; aims to ensure a whole-of-government approach to providing better economic and social outcomes for women.

However, the analysis by Waring et. al. of the Inter-Parliamentary Union of women in politics; would indicate the Australian Government Office for Women is not well placed to achieve these aims, due to under-representation of women in Parliament, and an absence of a system to redress the imbalance.

I have outlined the reasons below:

    • If women are not present at policy and decision-making levels, there is a democratic deficit. Decisions taken without women’s perspective lack credibility in a democratic context
    • The participation of women leads to a new perspective and a diversity of contributions to policy-making and to priorities of development, and it gives the female population a role in deciding the future of their country and the rights and opportunities for their gender.
    • A democracy which excludes women, or in which women are represented only marginally, is not a real democracy. Women’s participation in policymaking is a question of justice and equality
    • Women’s greater participation would impact upon the traditional values held by men. Sharing of power and responsibilities would become reality. Political meetings and programmes would be scheduled to take into account domestic responsibilities of both men and women.

In the current Government we are now faced with very little representation of women in Government.  Margaret Fitzherbert’s lecture (APH, 2012) outlines many reasons why the Liberal party lags behind in representation.  The main reasons are:

    • No persistent pressure to pre-select women
    • Liberal party culture – a culture which largely tolerates branch members asking women candidates for preselection questions about their parental and marital status.

Margaret Fitzherbert sums up with, “It’s time for the Liberals to take a lesson from the past – acknowledge the problem, and stop relying on a blind faith in ‘merit’ to somehow provide a sudden increase in numbers of  female MPs.” 

I believe a holistic approach is required.  To achieve equality, it is essential to determine the issues for women electorate by electorate, branch by branch.  Not just review the policies and procedures and place a blanket decision of quotas on all.   What may occur in an inner-Melbourne seat, may not occur in a far north QLD seat for example.  The reasons women may or may not put their hand up for selection, may also differ from seat to seat. To achieve a redress of the imbalance, this issue cannot be looked at in isolation, nor can it be looked at from a top down approach.

To redress this imbalance, all parties need to have an in-depth look at the culture within each branch and determine branches where this is an issue.  Although there will be branches where women simply will not feel empowered; there will be some branches or electorates for all parties where there may not be a problem for women to feel encouraged to nominate, or be selected.  There is no point going in blind and hitting electorates willy-nilly with quotas.  I’m all for quotas, but quotas need to be used as a respectful tool, to redress the imbalance.  All parties need to understand the underlying constructs of the problem by fixing the imbalance from ground level as well.

We also need to use quotas in a fair and just way so talented men do not get shut out either, or it defeats the purpose. If a tool such as quotas was used as a power-play to politicise the selection of a seat, that is not fair, nor just, nor used for its rightful purpose.  For example, if the tool of quotas was used to keep an Indigenous male out of the race, or a homosexual man out of the race or a male candidate who may champion green energy, where many branch members supported coal based energy; I would feel very strongly that this makes a mockery of all the women who have fought for equality. This is why it is very important to understand this issue from ground level as well.

Prominent leaders and executives cannot lead this change with a laizze-faire leadership style.  They need to roll their sleeves up and meet with women in branches to understand the culture at ground level, as well as revise policy.  A risk management system, along with a system of appeal needs to be put into place.

A review of the 2013 federal election, indicates that The Green’s party ran slightly more women candidates, but no party had more than 50% of women candidates.  The number of candidates run also needs to be contextualised into ‘seats that can be won’ against ‘seats that never will be’  There would be no point increasing the number of women candidates in a left party and allocating them to blue ribbon seats and vice versa.  A holistic approach is required.

Some positive steps are occurring, but I wait in angst in the hope that a fair, well informed and inclusive system is achieved to redress this imbalance.

Jamie Briggs also needs to go check himself if he thinks for one second that women find his opinion on quotas valid or important.

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About trishcorry

I love to discuss Australian Politics. My key areas of interest are Welfare, Disadvantage, emotions in the workplace, organisational behaviour, stigma, leadership, women, unionism. I am pro-worker and anti-conservativism/Liberalism. You will find my blog posts written from a Laborist / Progressive Slant.


9 thoughts on “Boys Club Beneficiary Gives Opinion On Quotas and the Quality Of Women

  1. You do great work writing. Thank you for sharing.

    How about this? Hubby’s wife has cooked a delicious meal. Hubby and the boys have just finished, so they are clearing the table and out in the kitchen washing up. One of them then sweeps and mops up the floor. His wife has been supervising the children’s bath-time. Hubby puts them to bed and reads them a story. A mate had earlier baked a chocolate cake for desert and brought it over. He places it on the coffee table. Someone makes coffee and brings it in to the loungeroom where everyone drinks coffee and whatever else is going, eats cake and enjoys conversation.
    The moral of the story is: There is no such thing as purely womens’ work. All the thousands of hours of unpaid child care, cleaning, cooking and shopping is work to share. This leads to respect!

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by JenniferGJ | July 31, 2015, 5:42 pm
  2. It is ironic that the ONLY time you EVER see Abbott cart out his wife and daughters is on politically motivated scenarios such as this – in fact, normally, Maggie is conspicuous by her absence unlike the politically active and highly respected Margaret Whitlam! At this stage of Abbott’s tragic 18 months reign as the worst PM in our history, I think most Australians see right through his incessant LIES and transparent nauseating hypocrisy.

    The Labor and Greens Parties have always had a fantastic array of intelligent, well educated and articulate women from various socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds throughout their cabinets. The Labor and Greens parties are proud to have these women on their team … these clever women give Labor/Greens credibility, balance and fit and proper representation of the more than 52% of Australia’s female population. The employment of many women has always been a “natural” process for Labor and the Greens where women have always had strong representation and powerful influence and their policies have benefited from the foresight and common sense that women can bring to the table.

    Compare this to the testosterone laden LNP where warmongering and ramped up terror campaigns rule the day! Where issues of war, brute force and aggression towards neighbouring countries and shocking savagery and callous inhumanity towards vulnerable asylum seekers and their children has been normalised and pushed through as vile policy! This is what happens when there is not enough women on the front cabinet to provide an “alternate” view … a more viable, sensible option! The male dominated cabinet of the LNP has proven to be an abysmal FAILURE where no thought is given to our children’s future education and employment opportunities, where our environment is laid bare to the rapacity of multinational corporations and unconscionable mining companies, where the ONLY thing that matters is power and profit at any cost … issues that concern many women and men throughout the country! Who can ever forget the disgraceful and relentless sexist attacks against Julia Gillard for months on end by the misogynistic, thoroughly vindictive Abbott who has a long, long history of reprehensible antagonism towards women on campus at Sydney University where he was a notorious thug and bully – just ask Barbara Ramjan or Helen Wilson what THEY think of Abbott’s infamous behaviour towards women!

    Compare the equitable balance of women employed by Labor and the Greens to the phony lip service that the misogynistic LNP pay to the employment of women in their party, the horrific disrespect and contempt Abbott displays towards women and the shocking selection of only one “token” woman on Abbott’s front cabinet! Time and time again, the LNP have proven that their condescending, patriachal attitudes towards women is deeply rooted in their conservative, ultra right wing psyche … misogyny is part of their DNA and they will never change! Their sexist stance against women and women’s issues isn’t something new … it can be traced back through the LNPs ignominious history on this issue. It seems apparent that current bogans on Team Austrayleeeya is only viable if the overwhelming majority are male!

    The thoroughly disgraceful act revealing just how persistently ingrained is the tiresome level of LNPs totally patronising attitude towards women, is, not surprisingly, Abbott’s choice of venue for International Women’s Day! The supremely offensive and arrogant charlatan, Abbott, the tongue-in-cheek “Minister for Housewives doing the Ironing”, staged International Women’s Day in Brisbane’s Tattersall’s Club, a notorious draconian Men’s Only Club. This selection shows a staggering lack of good judgement but then, again, just about EVERYTHING Abbott says and does shows an astonishing lack of good judgement – sadly, we are almost immune to his incredible lack of sensitivity and boorish displays of uncouth, loutish behaviour! This is just one of many pathetic escapades that clearly show the sneering contempt in which he holds women (generally) – no doubt Abbott and his Boy’s Club would have thought this very amusing! No doubt the selection of this club tried, and abysmally failed, to hide Abbott’s vindictive underlying motive and that is to thumb his nose at women and women’s issues which, he believes, is beneath him! Abbott is a shameless bogan who drips hypocrisy like a leaking faucet!

    The Labor and Greens Parties are the ONLY parties that have initiated equal rights and equal pay for women … especially under the illustrious Gough Whitlam. The Labor and Greens Parties have always been the movers and shakers, the instigators of change, the progressive parties whose respect for women and women’s issues have always been at the forefront of their policies.

    Men and women of Australia, REMEMBER THIS at the next FEDERAL Election vote for either Labor or The Greens and PUT THE LNP LAST … because this is where they will ALWAYS put women!


    Posted by Kathryn | August 1, 2015, 8:48 pm
    • *** I wrote the above comment when Abbott was dragging his wife and daughters around at the Victorian State elections (which, thank God, the LNP lost)! Everything said about Abbott still applies … NOTHING has changed! Abbott REMAINS the boorish, misogynistic, homophobic BOGAN that he always was and always will be!


      Posted by Kathryn | August 1, 2015, 8:51 pm
    • Trish and Kathryn, I share your sentiments. May I also add that TA’s relationships with women may not be all that they seem. His behaviour toward our first female PM was unforgiveable. However, note the appearance of travelling solo, living solo in Canberra. Perhaps accommodations have been made behind the scenes? In 2013 did you watch the body language of the video in which he appeared with his wife? Also many negative comments have been made about the influence wielded by his chief of staff, but carefully. Reading between the lines… If he ever starts talking family values, he would leave himself open to questions. No matter how awful we find him, he is still very powerful and is protected by powerful people who are happy to keep him in the role of PM.

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by JenniferGJ | August 5, 2015, 1:09 pm
      • It is very interesting that you have made that observation. It has been widely rumoured that Abbott and Credlin had an 18 months affair which is supposed to be widely known throughout BOTH sides of parliament. The hypocrisy of this bible bashing sanctimonious idiot is staggering!

        Liked by 1 person

        Posted by Kathryn | August 5, 2015, 1:48 pm
  3. Hear Hear Kathyrn. Some very good points indeed. Well said.


    Posted by trishcorry | August 2, 2015, 1:49 am


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Trish Corry



I love to discuss Australian Politics. My key areas of interest are Welfare, Disadvantage, emotions in the workplace, organisational behaviour, stigma, leadership, women, unionism. I am pro-worker and anti-conservativism/Liberalism. You will find my blog posts written from a Laborist / Progressive Slant.

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