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More Egregious words used by the liberals. Disgraceful falsification of the facts.

An excellent piece by Vince O’Grady detailing the misleading rhetoric about CFMEU Criminal charges by Turnbull & Cash.


“I swear by Almighty God, that the evidence I shall give will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”

In a recent blog Vince O’Grady wrote about Fallacious Argument and a Double Dissolution Election. The dishonest use of Language to trick the voting public.
You can read it here

He used three examples of the arguments used by Malcolm Turnbull, George Brandis and Michaelia Cash. The Prime Minister, the Attorney-General and the Minister for Employment.
All three have Degrees in the Law, but it seems not much of their training seems to have stuck.
Lawyers are all about facts and presenting them in courts of law. These facts are called Evidence. In the cases of their recent comments about the CFMEU they said the following. So called Evidence from which they hope to introduce a bill to reinstate the ABCC. If it doesn’t pass the…

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4 thoughts on “More Egregious words used by the liberals. Disgraceful falsification of the facts.

  1. Trish, some once said “lies require a true commitment” and the Coalition has taken that commitment to a new level. For too long, corporate media and corporate unions (AiG, ACCI, BCA etc) have put a Halo on Turnbull, a Halo, that even he Turnbull knew sits very uncomfortable on him. However, the star struck journos (now they just dumb star struck) kept the Halo in place for fear of having been shown up to have been played by someone who is better at word play than them.

    Thank God his lie on blind mans bluff, pin the tail on the donkey was rejected by States and Territories (Federation reform). I was petrified, absolutely petrified looking at the wreckage he left in his wake after every one of his escapades (HIH, Ontel, Axiom Forest Resources, Australian Rain Corporation, this should have given Australia a hint that he is pretend Climate Change believer, pre-industrial NBN which will leave future generations and Australia last in the new digital economic race etc).

    I just wish people, including Bill Shorten would stop saying we want the old Malcoln Turnbull back. Looking at his CV Turnbull told people what they wanted to hear all for his own self promotion. He needed wanted to project the image of the Halo bestowed on him by the media and others. His so called train/Tram rides it was because he can not because he needed to like the rest of us, his poor me so very brilliant and surrounded by idiots “I will not lead a Party that does not believe in Climate Change”, the believe in his omnipotent ability in rain making and the biggest hint at his inability to think outside his swallowed HR manual 101 was and is his lie “you cannot future proof the future blah blah” and went WTF is happening here, that should have been a wake up call for all, but they were all, MSM zzzzzz asleep at the wheel, and Turnbull and his motley crew, we will wake you up when our lie have been believed and accepted. So I can only conclude the Australian public is so inured to Coalitions ability to lie that “men often applaud an imitation and miss the real thing” (Aesop), because MSM is making sure the faux Halo stays in place. It is up to Bill Shorten to stop saying “wish the old Malcolm come back” he was never there, he was and is a figment of MSM the imagination carefully cultivated by Turnbull. Shorten needs to call it out when they hear the lie and stop excusing Turnbull that he is trussed by his Part. It is the biggest lie of all he never was and is, nobody trusses him, he truss them, however he is a brilliant opportunist. He banked on public adulation after Tony Abbott.


    Posted by Jenny Jacobs | April 5, 2016, 4:46 pm
  2. Just confirms what a putrid, lying pack of mongrels the LNP are. They are corrupt to the core. They hate working Australians, in fact I think they hate all Australians except of course their Big business buddies.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Geoff Geyer | April 5, 2016, 5:01 pm
  3. let hope he has more brain snap lies, like his last blind mans buff moment. From where I am standing it looks it happens after every botox treatment

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Jenny Jacobs | April 5, 2016, 5:54 pm
  4. Please please somebody anybody, please stop the mellifluous Turnbull repetitive lie on his Innovation, education exciting new economy century mantra. He was never on the starting line of any policy front, he never said that the issues was his conviction he said it because MSM journos thought he said it and he just followed suit, for God sake look at his wreckage left in his wake all on his CV. I can understand MSM journos sticking to their Halo bestowed on Turnbull thought bubble that he really really was the home of progressive Australia, because under no circumstance would or can they even acknowledged that they have been played and had.

    Is it so hard for anybody, somebody to look beyond his as Nan said “car used Tyre well beyond his safety standard ” smooth on the outside but full of air on the inside and on slow puncture. If he is not stopped we will leave an Australia that is worse of for future generations, shame on us. How dare we when past generations through hard fought fights and sacrifice gave us our standard of living and we want to deny future generations the same.. They even cannot ask a decent questions without the barely perceptive genuflection to his higher intellect and he makes sure he reminds them that he is way way above their intellect and they are the presence of a genius. Bill Shorten if there is nothing else you do please stop referring the “wish we can have the old Malcolm Turnbull back” he never went away he was always there, the only difference is that everybody did not want too see it. The Turnbull of yesterday, today and tomorrow was and always will be there.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Jenny Jacobs | April 6, 2016, 3:06 pm

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