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Should I quit writing?

Writing is something dear to my heart. Serious authors, to me, are the bravest of the dreamers who dream wonderful (and nightmarish!) dreams. They have given me such an amazing world to explore for as long as I can remember. Something for which I am eternally grateful. This is something not widely discussed in our current political debate. Please read this article by Josephine Moon about changes to the Publishing Industry by the Government. Petition within.

Josephine Moon

I am distressed.

Right now I feel like never writing another book. And I’ll try to explain why as simply as I can, trying to untangle the messy political drama that is about to change the entire Australian publishing industry and how it affects me personally.

The government has proposed and recommended that Australia does two things:

  1. Introduce parallel importation
  2. Drastically reduce copyright protection to just 15 years.

(You can sign the petition to tell the government you don’t want this to happen right here.)

How does parallel importation affect me and you?

  • The first point I want to make sure you know is that our contemporaries, the USA and the UK do not have parallel importation. We would be going against them. (Which doesn’t make sense, right?)
  • The next point I want to make is that New Zealand lifted their parallel importation laws and rather than seeing cheaper…

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2 thoughts on “Should I quit writing?

  1. I first heard about this from Magda Szubanski – the only beneficiaries from this wanton act, can only be big business, this time the massive publishers (and of course, the kick back to our federal government).


    Posted by diannaart | May 29, 2016, 12:23 pm
  2. No you should not stopping your writing it is like asking yourself to stop breathing. You may stop for now but sooner or later something bigger will push you back, because you need to breath again.

    Sometimes you may feel this is too much or you may feel that you are sinking into that nothingness, that is when you need to go down to that place and look, see and ask yourself what do I need to do now breath deeply or just take a shallow one, but breathing you must. So please do not stop writing, take that breath and get out and up and write because you may just may write something that someone will read and take that person to where him/her to a place of relaxation, release or what ever etc.


    Posted by Jenny Jacobs | May 29, 2016, 4:05 pm

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