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Plebiscite Survey Results: Part 2, In Your Own Words

An excellent article and research on the impending plebiscite. A must read. By Alastair Lawrie


From July 17 to 31, 2016, I conducted a survey of the LGBTIQ community, and our allies, to ascertain views about Malcolm Turnbull’s proposed plebiscite on marriage equality.

Specifically, the survey asked whether we should:

  • Block it, if possible
  • Accept it and fight to win, or
  • Wait to see the details.

Based on 1,140 responses, including 840 from within the LGBTIQ community, the survey’s main finding was unambiguous: 69% of people wanted to block the plebiscite, compared to only 11% who believed we should accept it and another 20% who would like to see more details before making a final decision.

For full results of the survey, including breakdowns by different demographic groups, see Plebiscite Survey Results: Part 1.

The survey then asked two open-ended, text-based questions.

The first asked: “Please explain why you chose that answer (for example, I think we should block the plebiscite because…/I think we…

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