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Are we a courageous country or fearful?



Are we a courageous country, or fearful?

If only I had a dollar for each time I had heard that statement over the last year.

Thankfully it is only true of some people. Those who are frightened. Our country is changing at the moment and for many people that means just one thing, insecurity.


What I see Pauline Hanson doing is exploiting fears for her own popularity.

That is, utilising fears to override logical thinking.

This country needs leaders who bring hope – not fear.

When we have hope we have courage.

A courageous society takes responsibility for its own problems.

A cowardly society finds some ‘others’ to blame and scapegoat.

It is courageous to take responsibility for our climate and environment today.

It is cowardly to pretend there is no problem and leave the mess to our children and their children.

A brave country invests in education and innovation and competes on the world stage.

The easy way out is to put up trade barriers as we don’t believe we are good enough to compete anymore.

You preach the politics of hate and where there is hate there is fear.

This country will not move forward with fear.

It was not built on fear. It was built on enterprise and camaraderie.

And yes, countless waves of new arrivals have helped shape the modern and progressive democracy that has been created in just over two centuries.

I have read through the One Nation policies and the theme that runs through them is fear.

Moving backwards to yesterday’s debunked ideas and values rather than having the courage to move forward.

At least One Nation’s party’s colour is right. It is yellow.



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