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Morpheus’ Draught.


“Now fable night hath with her ebon’ robe,

Darken the Surface of this earthly Globe,

And drowsy Morpheus, with his leaden Key,

Locked up the doors of every mortal eye,

Come, let us fall into our wanton games…”

“Thus I tamper Poison for myself; but, were I sure to drink the baneful Draught, …”

from “The Harleian Miscellany.”

For too long has the educated working-class, through deference to a more erudite, well-dressed and long-winded educated upper middle-class, stood to one side while those rhetoric-driven managers have manipulated the levers of governance to steer us now down a cu-de-sac of an economic and social dead-end. It is the wealthy upper class; the likes of Murdoch and Gina etc. who operate and manage the conservative politics in Australia.

Do the majority care about the working class?

I grew up, as I suppose many of you likewise, fulfilling the expected role of a many generation working-class family, slipping easily and comfortably into a trade. Others around me of the same demographic group also went into skilled trades or labour.

Very, very few came from families familiar with or able to afford tertiary education. It was within those trades  that many of us after several decades gained a knowledge of system and structure of our particular workplace, be it health, mechanics, government administration and others, or like mine; building / construction. We gained a depth of knowledge and more importantly; a nous of how we “fitted” into the structure of management.

Many of us came to understand that there was an “outside force” that had the call of employment or sacking over us, and this “management group”, backed in all encounters by any conservative government resented the presence of union representation of the working-class. They resented it because Management knows through intense education from an early age that power x a few, is no match against power x legion!

However, these isolated cases of a factory or group in conflict between union representatives and corporate management came and went outside the general concern of the majority of the population of working people. There was rarely any “bringing together” of the combined strengths of the unions to call a general strike against a government or corporations.

This must change.

The attacks on working people

There must be an awakening from a sleepy acceptance of conservative governments continual attack on the working people of this nation.  This includes those who are now made redundant through corp’ / govt’ outsourcing and the incompetent closing of large manufacturing enterprises. This combined with the sabotage and destruction of high-speed broadband delivery, equitable education scheme and winding down of universal health schemes demonstrates an ineptitude toward social responsibility and democracy (remember : “Of , For and By the people” ?) by an out of touch government and corporate class steeped in the theories of an out of date, foolish  and now educated to imbecility upper middle-class.

We have slept too long from the effects of “Morpheus’s draught. We – the educated working-class need to awaken and step forward to take our place at the helm of leadership of the nation. There needs be more evidence of “blue-collar” and less “white-collar” behind the navigator’s post.

By “educated”, I do not necessarily mean those multiple degrees in this or that tertiary discipline, I mean a well-read and concise knowledge of one’s “trade” gained through years of study at the foot of that most severe of mentors and masters; Labour. We need those who know and understand the complexities of domestic management on limited monies, of begetting and raising children in a safe environment of a “owned” home on limited monies. We need those who while doing this have a broader knowledge of the workings and machinations of a national psyche and of the needs of those engaged in production of goods and services outside or allied to their own workplace. This knowledge is a complimentary addition automatically gained through contact over many years with those trades allied to one’s own.

United we stand – Divided we beg

For too long have we drunk the “advising” poison of the entrepreneurial / speculative upper middle-classes, who with their blind faith in an idiot’s ideology, have driven our economy, our society, our international reputation and lastly and most damagingly our cultural spirit and our overall good nature into the depraved depths of their own personal hell!

Labor needs to stand solidly on a level dais alongside the unions and the working / producing (yes..we must begin to encompass that other side-lined working peoples; the inter-generational family small farmer/orchardist / dairy farmer ) class, and wrest back control of the nation from a merchant money-grubbing upper middle-class more interested in selling this nation and its workforce to the lowest bidder and then shifting such selfish profit away from fair and equitable taxation to an overseas tax haven most suited to their “robber-baron” status.

It’s time for the working-class to nominate those representatives more and better suited to make laws, regulations, trade agreements and governance OF, FOR and BY the many ethnic and cultural diverse peoples of this nation.

It’s Time …once again….It’s Time!

Originally published on Freef’all852

About freefall852

Tradie Carpenter. ret'.. Much work, many places, long time, much traveled, met many good and not so good people..will tell you about them some day.


19 thoughts on “Morpheus’ Draught.

  1. Trish, you’ve no idea hot this letter raised my blood. My grandfathers brother spoke of these things, he was an Organizer for the AMIEU and great at his job he was; though some detested him, but always happily accepted any betterment in conditions or pay he won them via strong negotiation. I would have loved to have followed him into the ranks of the Trade Union movement, but alas I was always far too timid for my own good, and still am. I have stood a few times in my past, marched with those stronger than myself against injustice and in comradeship with my peers, but spent much of my working life coerced into unpaid overtime blackmailed by my employer with my mortgage held in the balance.

    I can see a repeat life being lived by my daughter, at her tender age of 17 she remains in her bedroom most of the time, her education having been destroyed 3 years ago by some ADHD kid who threatened to burn our house down one night while she slept, that buggered her, she was quite good at primary school, but Grade 8 was when the cretin threatened her, she had a nervous breakdown and hasn;t been the same since. At least, when I go she will be left a house {once my home} not much but the best I could manage from 30 years of hard, hard yakka.

    It appears the ole; slave never get;s a fair go in this life, born only to profit the rich to extend their capital, the really sad part is that some of these poor wretches actually vote for the people who feed them the scraps from their plate, we really need more than anytime in my lifetime a strong genuine labour party, not just a plaything of right wing unrepresentative unions, but a fair dinkum labour party where u matter..

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    Posted by townsvilleblog | January 12, 2017, 3:02 pm
  2. So would you be for Kevin Rudd`s Labor reforms`as to 50% R&F and 50% Caucus split with 60% needed for leadership change
    QLD&WA`s 33 1/3% R&F 33 1/3 Unions 33 1/3 Caucus split with 50.01% needed for leadership change

    WE see De Bruyn take the SDA to the extreme right faction of the Party
    WE saw Paul Howes do the same with the AWU-glad he`s gone
    WE saw Conroy when he was TWU Sec,take that union to the extreme right faction of the Party

    Not all within Labor are of the faithful
    Bullock {SDA} showed his hand as a traitor often
    Martin Ferguson [say no more]

    Farrell & Feeney would be 2 of the sleaziest grubs in the ALP

    Let`s keep weeding and how good that we have Ged Kearney [a true Lefty] steering the ACTU ship
    So there`s great hope and even Mark Butler is throwing Presidential weight around as he should during this Ley/Tudge debacles

    OH Freef`all,here in WA,R&F get a vote in new candidate selections,Fed and State for both houses


    Posted by Bighead1883 | January 12, 2017, 4:03 pm
    • No way Biggy, In my humble opinion the members should control the party, not be given half of a vote occasionally. My preferred model would be democratic, one vote, one value. This would apply to every internal position also, policy committees etc leadership both party Branch and parliamentary leader root and branch democracy. Members would vote for the President of the Party and the Leader5 of the government or Opposition.


      Posted by townsvilleblog | January 12, 2017, 4:11 pm
    • When all is said and done the parliamentarian is only another ALP member, and the vote should reflect this fact.


      Posted by townsvilleblog | January 12, 2017, 4:13 pm
    • Yes of course all members should get a vote on who their candidate should be, within an FED or MEC (old terms, not sure what current abbreviations are, but all in a local municiple, state or federal electorate should choose their candidate, not be told from head office who the candidate will be, that is pure shit!


      Posted by townsvilleblog | January 12, 2017, 4:17 pm
      • Well you have Kevin Rudd to thank for the most current reforms we have because R&F had little to no say prior except in voting conference delegates

        When they came back for him @ Rudd 2 {Bad Gillard Polling panic by ALP executive} one of his demands was the R&F have a say and he took over NSW Labor and began the early clean out stages { Wixxyleaks.com} has most of that saga at Sussex Street

        Victoria is currently going through some reformation and NSW continues


        Posted by Bighead1883 | January 12, 2017, 6:13 pm
        • My point is not about tinkering around the edges this is about whole change in public participation to attempt to reverse the failing primary vote over the past 15 years. If the party is not opened up to the public (ordinary ALP members are further Left than its parliamentary arm) I fear the party will wither and die, which I don;t want to see happen. The party will either change with the times and offer the public an alternative vision, or disappear.


          Posted by townsvilleblog | January 13, 2017, 7:13 am
          • What I worry about is the creeping cynicism amongst even left-wing supporters that both sides of politics are “cross-pollinating” too much. Sure…the function of a working democracy is to sometimes bend and yield like the proverbial grass rather than the oak…but such “yielding” must be fully and clearly explained, replete with “common-language” understanding of just what is being exchanged tto get “X” through the Houses.
            I ( I confess) would like to see total domination and a absolute, brutal, cruel crushing of the spirit of the LNP. and it’s creatures…but that’s not going to happen..and perhaps fair enough..perhaps ..I..am not a healthy measure to make judgement of policy or parties! (Joe Stalin was too soft).
            But I do think there needs to be more wiggle-room given to Labor shadow ministers to lay their portfolio cases and make a good arguement before us Labor voters…after all , it IS the “art” of politics, so lets see some “sketching”.


            Posted by freefall852 | January 13, 2017, 7:33 am
          • Well I see you`re not a member of the ALP and your answers remind me of “Matters Not”on AIMN

            This statement shows clearly you have little idea as to the growing membership.firstly since Sept 2013 and again since July 2016
            {all members have had a vote since Albo/Shorten LOTO}
            You say “The party will either change with the times and offer the public an alternative vision, or disappear”.yet it grows even against your consternation


            Posted by Bighead1883 | January 13, 2017, 8:00 am
  3. Trish

    Not sure as why the USA journos are so very perplexed at the election of Trump. Their then USA President Woodrow Wilson, ‘the government which was designed for the people has got into the hands of bosses and their employers, the special interest. An invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy” or President Teddy Rooseveldt, “it is essential that there should be organisation of labour. This is an era of organisation of capital and therefore labour must organise”, organised capital got stronger and made sure that organised labour is weakened. The model that entrenched the trickle economics. For decades the USA voter was economically reformed into poverty (holding down two job, food stamps the norm, kids either going to bed or school on an empty tummy) hungry and systematic disenfranchised from the Political process, Trump nailed it when he screeched ‘what the hell have you got to lose” he knew they were punch drunk with being economic reform into poverty and moved in for the takeover. USA senator Elizabeth Warren “if we started in 1960 and we said that as productivity goes up, than minimum wage is going up the same. If that were the case, the minimum wage today would be about $22.00 and hour. So my question is, what happened to the other $14.75”. Here is the rub, when the occupy Wall Street said so far and no further, they were pilloried harangued by MSM and corporate unions, nobody wanted to listen or take their concerns seriously for them the trickle than was a seep. Also Senators like Senator Warren and Sanders were pilloried as populist, economic pariah blah blah and MSM kept feeding them the trickle concept, Carl Bernstein “the lowest form of popular culture lack of information, misinformation-and a contempt for the reality or truth of most peoples lives has overrun real journalism”. Once again USA President Kennedy “the ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all” and today too late, everyone goes wtf happened, security at risk and all running for cover denying their creation. Hell even heard O’Bama said recently in his speech herald his believe in fair trade not free trade.

    In Australia, thank God for organised labour, ACTU and yes they are and will be pilloried by corporate unions (ACCI, BCA Australian Industry Groups etc etc) and those that stand on the sideline (was there once before my Damascus moment) happy to take the hard fought gains and than also pillory the Union movement. For the record I am quite happy that if there were some in the workers union that may have had their hand in the cookie jar and take a biscuit and makes sure the breaks fall my way, leave the rest of the jar for the team (so please spare me about corrupt unions). As for corporate union hell, they take the whole bloody biscuit jar, the bakery and ship the shopfloor and the booty offshore without so much as a thanks for the memories, Aesop, “we hang petty thieves and appoint the great ones to high public office” case in point Centrelink debacle and MP’s entitlement. When are we going to wake up that this government is unravelling all hard fought gains of the 20th century and any semblance of a 21st century. There can be no 21st century without fibre to the home dud NBN, ETS on Climate Change, real funding of Gonski ( and stop blaming the bloody teachers they being loaded like pack horses) etc. Sigh soon Australia will be back to the “good old days of piece work and sweatshops” and corporate unions will disguise it as individual flexible work arrangements. If not for the ACTU, the trickle would have morphed into a seep poverty and all hard fought gains of 20th century that made us a fair and civil society. Australia wake up, Politics always was and is about us, past present and future, Pericles, “you may not take an interest in Politics that does not mean Politics is not taking and interest in you”, the ACTU made damn sure Politics was about the people and what kind of society for Australia. Anybody everybody isn’t it ironic corporate unions now call for energy security, this very same mob who screamed sovereign risk when CPRS and ETS introduced as for the cry on tax cuts, well that cut will soon become a tax write off than a tax ride off to a balmy Island,

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    Posted by Jerome | January 12, 2017, 9:24 pm
  4. Bighead 1883
    Not enough credit is given to Kevin07 the hero of the GFC for the reforms he introduced.
    He said then that this was a stepping stone for further democratisation of Labor going forward and applying parts of John Faulkners review

    Hardly any mention either in MSM, because they ignore Labor or most progessive sites and I use the term loosely as it never favoured the Greens is made of the open preselection processes being trialed and working well where anyone interested in the electorate can have a vote
    Balmain had somewhere around 6000 vote in the preselection there and large numbers also took part in other electorate preselections
    From what I remember this has now spread to the Hunter region besides the various electorates around Sydney and I think even to electorates in Victoria

    Kev07 started the transition and I always saw it as the start of full democratisation not the end of it.
    Here is some information on community participation that even a lot of ALP members don’t seem to know about

    May 19, 2015

    Labor’s five candidates for National President all strongly endorse substantial reform to make the Labor Party more open and democratic, according to a survey conducted by ALP reform groups.

    In answers to questions posed by Local Labor and Open Labor and published on the groups’ websites, the candidates almost universally support a greater say for members in votes for Lower and Upper House candidates, national and state conferences and party


    September 23 2013

    NSW Labor will allow members of the public to vote alongside local branch members for their Labor candidate in the seats of Balmain, Newtown, Campbelltown, Londonderry and Strathfield, Opposition Leader John Robertson announced on Sunday.

    Labor’s community preselection trial

    City of Sydney’s sole Labor Councillor, Meredith Burgmann, trilled delight at the turnout: “We had almost 5,000 voters which is a huge success and we will certainly be doing it again … We would have been happy with 2,000 voters. I think this type of preselection will be repeated around the country.”

    Even though the Labor initiative was a real goer some Media weren’t impressed


    Community Preselections – You know it’s worked when Sussex St doesn’t know the outcome

    Following the 2010 Federal Election review, the debate about new candidate selection models continues to rage, with the NSW Branch currently holding its first ‘Community Preselection’ in the City of Sydney Local Government Area. Five candidates have entered the race to become Labor’s candidate for Lord Mayor in the September Local Government elections.

    The City of Sydney Community Preselection Trial has adopted a 50:50 model, with party members and community voters each making up half of the final result. Every household has been sent a ballot paper and instructions on how to vote online. Voters also have the opportunity to vote in person on 2 June 2012 at polling booths around the city. By the close of polls, we expect that over 4,000 residents will have voted.


    Voting is open for the Balmain Community Preselection



    Posted by Ned Hockey {redned} | January 12, 2017, 10:37 pm
  5. Frefall582
    A top effort there
    When Your Back’s Against the Wall (1939)

    (By C. R. E. Grainger)

    Labour leaders all assemble,
    Grim old warriors of the Past,
    Profiteers are all atremble
    Nemesis has struck at last,
    Struck the knell of exploitation
    Tolled the doom of slavery;
    Gifted men with strong oration
    Heralds death of knavery.

    Leaders in the southern land,
    Though their number is but few,
    Have the gift to understand
    Nothing in this world is true,
    Christians screech of world salvation
    Of the body and the soul,
    But the worst form of damnation
    Is to live upon the dole.

    Hark to “Bass and Cant” you mothers
    Listen to Youll and Bill McBlane
    Fighting for the rights of others;
    Theirs the loss and yours the gain.
    Hear the war drums constant rattle
    At some workers anguished call;
    Fighting still the long drown battle
    With their backs against the wall.

    Booth and Saxton, Easton–others.
    Social ills and cancer bares;
    Come along down trodden brothers,
    Know ye not that someone cares.
    Do not look for shammy glitter
    Join this honest workers band;
    Life will not be half so bitter
    When you grip an honest hand.

    Battle on ye noble brothers–
    take from them who will not give;
    Battle for the rights of others;
    Battle for the right to live.
    Time will tell each hero’s story,
    Man against the nower of pelf.
    Battle till you’re old and hoary,
    Grizzled as I am myself.

    Bass, we thank you for assistance:
    Cant, we welcome your support
    In this battle for existence
    When our ammunition’s short.
    When you hear the snarls and yelping
    Many words that are unkind.
    Just beware some cur that’s helping
    Does not stab you from behind.

    Do not heed the mode or manner,
    Nor the men of traitor blood,
    Who have trampled our social banner
    Deep beneath the slush and mud.
    Never mind the traitrous lying,
    Do not mourn the social slain,
    You will see the old flag flying
    It is rising once again.

    Grizzled warriors, old and hoary,
    Don your armour for this war,
    Though the field he red and gory
    Rally ’round the flag once more;
    Listen to our stalwarts pleading,
    Let our forces be comibined;
    Once our social laws were leading,
    Now we’re twenty years behind.

    Do not bow your heads in sorrow,
    Wither hope with vain regret,
    You will win again to-morrow;
    Win your light to justice yet.

    From the NSW Newspaper the The Cessnock Eagle and South Maitland Recorder Friday 26 August 1938

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    Posted by Ned Hockey {redned} | January 12, 2017, 10:52 pm
    • Ah Ned they knew how to write stirring prose back then
      No matter how bleak it all was those people were made of sterner stuff

      But to be honest,I`m growing weary

      My armour is quite in tatters from battle
      And my resolve is somewhat dulled
      I`ve seen many a comrade fall
      My arm has always been extended
      My hand has been within reach
      They`ve never really learned
      But now they want to teach

      I look all around me and see it`s empty and hollow
      The comrades we had before so much television
      The honour we had in hard work not sorrow
      Maybe I just need to sleep until the morrow

      Maybe we`re all still here
      Maybe we never went away
      Maybe my thoughts are hazy
      Maybe mind like my hair is grey

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by Bighead1883 | January 12, 2017, 11:36 pm
    • I wrote this a while back..you may agree to it’s principles a tad. ; https://freefall852.wordpress.com/2016/12/03/no-parsaran/


      Posted by freefall852 | January 13, 2017, 8:03 am
  6. Ned Hockey, your response to Bighead 1883 about the community involvement.
    I didn’t know of that and do you know if Labor publicised it as I doubt any other party would be willing to do it


    Posted by Barry Cavanagh | January 13, 2017, 10:31 am

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