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Is Pauline Hanson a Dinky Di Aussie?


How we define who is Australian and what we mean by “Australian” has become strong focus over many years. With the rise of nationalism in Australia, there are those who insist they are the authority on this.

Redcuchulain asks why do nationalist monarchists like Hanson believe they have the legitimate right to dictate to the rest of us who we are? Does a true Australian worship the Queen, or do they stand in solidarity with an Australian President of an Australian Republic? Would Hanson pass the citizenship test?

Australian Citizens

One of the most wonderful things about Australia day is the number of people who choose to become Australian citizens. They make a permanent commitment to this country. It is easy to understand why.

I still look back fondly on the day when I became an Australian citizen. Yet, I can still imagine what those people are feeling as they take their oath. I fell in love with Australia the first time I visited here. For me it is the egalitarian outlook of most people, the beautiful country. It is also the freedom from the old baggage which holds other places back that makes this country great. We are still young enough to shape our own destiny.

I could not help noticing the oath this year and the irony that some people in the public eye now who claim to be bastions of Australian values would not be able to take the oath with a straight face. “Australian society values equality of opportunity for individuals, regardless of their race, religion or ethnic background”

How could Pauline Hanson seriously take this vow and not choke on the words? Or: “compassion for those in need and pursuit of the public good” when she recently voted to support the LNP’s latest round of cuts to welfare recipients and pensioners.

Maybe it is because Pauline still sees our allegiance to a foreign Queen that she is so out of step with the values of modern Australia?

Perhaps if she was made to take the education, citizenship test and oath herself she may realise who is really a threat to our culture and way of life.



6 thoughts on “Is Pauline Hanson a Dinky Di Aussie?

  1. Pauline Hanson is the perfect example of the Ugly Australian with an evil heart and soul.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by brickbob | January 29, 2017, 8:25 am
  2. Hate is a powerful emotive driver

    It attracts many disaffected,disenfranchised and troublesome

    The phenomenon is strong in the West at present as the haters gather around the Hater In Chief POTUS Trump

    Pauline is in awe of Trump as is Julie Bishop who claims America will be powerful again

    Liked by 2 people

    Posted by Bighead1883 | January 29, 2017, 9:33 am
  3. Nationalism? I’d say it is more jingoism – more extreme – than nationalism. While ever governments and opposition parties continue to foment fear of “the other” and allow the flag-wearing members of Ozsis to flourish by not specifically condemning them, it will flourish. By blaming unchallenged China for “stealing” our companies – who shifted production to take advantage of what amounts to forced labour – and ignoring the damage the US and our so-called “mother country” have done to our economy, the troublemakers target the less able to defend themselves: the “different” and the poor. I can remember in the 50s when Italian migrants pooled resources to build houses for one another they were accused of pretending to be poor so they’d be allowed into the country and then using their money to build better houses than Australians had. We ignored the Poms who came here for £10 and whinged about everything while being given first preference everywhere.


    Posted by frankpovah | January 29, 2017, 10:16 am
  4. I think it more likely if she took the test, that the test would be wrong, and only she would be able to design the correct test for citizenship. She is a political embarrassment to Australia, and is only representative of right wing bogans, not ordinary Australians. It would seem that in South West Queensland, and up to parts of North Queensland, the bogan vote is fairly strong. I certainly would not want my name associated in any way with her, except opposition.


    Posted by townsvilleblog | January 29, 2017, 10:34 am
    • Using terms like “bogan” does nothing but divide us even further. My parents were bogans by today’s standards and by those same standards I grew up a bogan – as did my siblings. Once we start defining our fellow Australians like this we are doomed. If Abbott, Hockey, Shorten, Julie Bishop, Michaelia Cash, Gina Rinehart, Jamie Packer and Lachlan Murdoch and heaps of others weren’t pollies or capitalist kings, they would be labelled bogans instead of what they are – selfish narcissistic bastards.


      Posted by frankpovah | January 29, 2017, 11:28 am


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