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More Lies From The Greens – Newstart

the Greens

Another round of lies from the Greens is making its way around social media and very vulnerable people on Social Security are very, very angry – at Labor.  If you are a vulnerable Australian on welfare listening to the Greens, let me say this to you; Labor is not anti-welfare and Labor is fighting very hard for equality.  What the Greens are fighting hard for is putting up bills they know will fail on a technicality. They then work hard to take the moral high ground to upset you, all for the sole aim of creating a deep dark pit of hatred toward Labor by you, the voter. They do this in the hope you will see the Greens as the only party who cares.  In short, it is pathetic Trump Style politics.

One thing Senator Doug Cameron is, is he is a good man. He has spent his entire life fighting for the working class and the disadvantaged and that cannot be disputed.  I have cut and paste Senator Cameron’s response to the Greens amendment in the Senate to raise Newstart by $110 per fortnight.

It is time the Greens stopped playing pathetic games with the emotions of vulnerable people. It is sick! The incessant attacks on Labor are questionable. They may as well stick a Turnbull corflute in their front yards!

Greens' Lies On Newstart (1)

Senator Cameron (Labor) Response

Senate Hansard 10 August 2017 p. 76-78

(For those who do not want to read all of Senator Cameron’s response which is over 2,000 words, I have highlighted the relevant parts in Red. I have quoted and highlighted the trickery of the Greens in  – well Green!)

Senator CAMERON (New South Wales) (16:59): I am quite amazed by that speech by Senator Fierravanti-Wells. In speaking on the Social Security Amendment (Caring for People on Newstart) Bill 2017, I want to try and correct some of the statements that have been made.

Let me go to the Greens first. The Greens indicated they are the only party calling for an increase in Newstart. Labor has acknowledged that Newstart is too low. The Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten, has said on a number of occasions in recent years that it is too low. Labor acknowledges that too many Australians are living in poverty.

 It was Labor that defended young, unemployed Australians when the Abbott-Turnbull government wanted to make young people wait six months to access Newstart.

Senator Fierravanti-Wells said, ‘Don’t add fuel to the fire.’ There’ll be plenty of people on Newstart who won’t have any fuel—whether it’s electricity or gas—to actually keep themselves warm. Senator Fierravanti-Wells says it would cost an extra $2 billion per annum to increase the Newstart allowance to the allowance that’s been proposed by the Greens in this bill. How ridiculous is it that we have a coalition that want to hand $65 billion in tax cuts to the big end of town, and yet they stand here and argue that they can’t look after people on Newstart? They are a party that wants to look after big business but ignore people who are doing it tough. We’ve seen them: they’re all about the vilification and demonisation of people who are down on their luck and relying on Newstart. This argument of, ‘You’ve just got to get a job and everything will be okay,’ I suppose, is alright if you live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, the eastern suburbs or the wealthier areas of Australia where you don’t actually have to see much unemployment.

But what the coalition needs to understand—and they obviously don’t—is that there are 189,200 jobs available within Australia. There are 726,800 unemployed in Australia. So it’s not as if you can just get your gear on in the morning, lob out there and find a job. You never hear the coalition talking about that figure. It’s not easy to get a job in some areas, and it’s impossible to find a job in other areas. I notice that we’re going to have coalition people speak to this later, and we have two National Party members in the chamber now. If you look at the National Party seats, they’ve got some of the highest unemployment in Australia. Senator Williams would know it’s not that easy to go out and actually find a job in some areas in National Party electorates.

In National Party seats, unemployment has risen by 1.3 per cent on average since the coalition came to power. Since September 2013, unemployment has risen by 1.3 per cent on average in National Party seats. What a great example of how the National Party come here and suck up to that nonsense that we just heard from Senator Fierravanti-Wells, but are out there presiding over some of the highest unemployment in the country. It just beggars belief. All they want to do is vilify the unemployed, vilify those that are down on their luck. Look at what the government did when they first came to power.

They wanted to make young Australians wait six months to access Newstart. What would that do to young people in National Party seats where there were no jobs? They would either have to have rich parents or be part of the rural hoi polloi, or they would be left starving. It’s an absolute disgrace the way the National Party and the Liberal Party have dealt with unemployment and social security benefits over the last period of time. They wanted to abandon young jobseekers for six months. Starve! That was their approach, and Labor defeated that. After we defeated it, the Liberals tried to make young people wait five weeks before being able to access income support.

Remember the argument that was put forward by Senator Fierravanti-Wells: ‘Just go out and get a job. That’s the best inoculation from welfare. Just get a job.’ Well, I repeat again: there are 189,200 jobs available in Australia, and there are 726,800 unemployed. Many of those unemployed would not have the skills, the training or the capacity or live in the region where these jobs are, so it becomes really, really difficult. Senator Fierravanti-Wells ran the same nonsense that ‘Labor squandered money when they were in government’. What Labor did was to implement one of the most effective—if not the most effective—approaches to dealing with the global financial crisis that we had, and we kept jobs being created around the country. That’s what Labor did because we understood that, if jobs were lost, then intergenerational unemployment would increase. So we spent money on keeping people in jobs—in National Party seats around the country. Not only were individuals looked after by Labor, but communities were looked after and families were looked after. They had jobs when workers around the world were being thrown on the scrap heap.

But those opposite seem to forget that there was a global financial crisis. They forget that, just as they don’t have any idea or don’t want to recognise that there is global warming and a real problem for the future. They don’t want to recognise that they don’t have the policies and they don’t have the cohesion internally to actually deal with any of the problems that are facing Australians around this country.

So Labor defeated those cuts that were put there. We defeated the unfair Liberal and National Party cuts to paid parental leave. We defeated the Liberal and National Party unfair cuts to pension indexation. This is the mob that wanted to cut the pensions of Australians. That’s what they wanted to do, and it was only Labor standing against it that stopped that. We defeated the Liberals’ unfair GP tax that would have undermined Medicare as our universal health system. We defeated the Liberals and Nationals’ unfair cuts to young people that would have seen thousands of young Australians shifted from Newstart onto the lower youth allowance payment. We have consistently stood up for vulnerable Australians against this government’s unfair cuts.

I just find it beggaring belief that the National Party, who represent the victims of the Liberal Party’s ideology, come in here and vote with them to cut the social security payments for their constituents in their seats around the country when there are not the jobs available in National Party seats around the country. The National Party are an absolute disgrace. They just hang off the coat-tails of the Liberal Party, and then they try and run the Liberal Party when it comes to some ideological approach that they want to push. They are an absolute disgrace.

We have led the debate in this country on inequality. Bill Shorten, Wayne Swan, Jenny Macklin and Andrew Leigh have all been doing important policy work on the issue of inequality. Inequality isn’t just the gap between the rich and poor; it’s about the millionaires getting tax cuts under this government and large multinationals getting $65 billion in giveaways, while millions of Australians have had no wage rise for years. It’s about inequality in the housing market because first home buyers are lining up against property investors who have been subsidised by unfair and distortionary policies like negative gearing.

It’s about the gender gap in the pay that men and women in this country receive and the unfair deal that women are getting. It’s about the gap between Indigenous Australians and the unfair outcomes they’re getting in health, education and housing. And any conversation about inequality also has to focus on poverty. We know that Newstart is too low. We know that too many Australians are living below the poverty line.

As last year’s Growing together, Labor’s agenda for tackling inequality, document stated: The net replacement rate for the Newstart payment for a single person is equivalent to just 28 per cent of the average wage. That compares with an average of 47 per cent in other major English-speaking nations, such as Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. While the mechanisms for supporting the unemployed differ in each of these countries, there is no denying that income support for unemployed Australians is very low by international standards. We are doing the policy work.

That’s why at the last election Labor said that we’d establish a review into the adequacy of the Newstart allowance for people of working age and their place in the wider system of working age payments and employment supports. We won’t be coming here when there’s not enough jobs for every Australian that’s looking for them and tell them, ‘The best thing you can do is get out and find a job.’

It’s an absolute lie, perpetrated by the extremists in the Liberal and National parties who are presiding over some of the lowest paid in their electorates, and some of the worst unemployment and some of the worst housing conditions in the country. So much for the National Party and so much for the Liberal Party!

We’ve have said that, when we do the review, we’ll look at the adequacy of the base rate of Newstart to meet what is widely understood to be the essential living costs required to achieve a reasonable minimum standard of living. We will look at the adequacy of the current indexation of allowance payments in the context of indexation arrangements across the social security system.

We’ll look at the role of the Newstart allowance and other working age payments in promoting and supporting workforce participation, including through smooth transitions to paid employment, help with the cost of job search, training and employment. Labor wants a comprehensive and independent review into the adequacy of Newstart that we think should be done against two primary objectives: one, alleviating poverty and, two, encouraging work.

We also believe that the review should consider the adequacy of Newstart for people raising families, particularly single parents.

I’d dearly love to see an increase to Newstart, but this bill isn’t the right way of going about it.

Let’s be clear: it’s a stunt by the Greens political party. It’s symbolic. It won’t pass the parliament. The Greens know that this would never get through the House of Representatives. The Greens know that the appropriations bills in the House have to be introduced by a minister. Yet they introduce this bill in the Senate and give so many Australians false hope that Newstart might be increased—and it’s all for their own political purposes. (Senator Doug Cameron 10.08.2017)

 It’s worth noting that this bill has come on for debate on the same day it was introduced into the Senate. It’s not a fair dinkum proposal and the Greens know it. They haven’t done the proper policy work. They haven’t done the hard work of policy development that you need to make this kind of change. They haven’t even discussed it with the opposition before springing it on us today.

Unlike the Greens party, the opposition requires proposals to be properly developed, costed and considered before we can support them.

The truth is, if you want to see an increase to Newstart, you have to change the government in Canberra. You have to vote out the Liberals, because they will never help the vulnerable.* They’ve never helped the unemployed. The last time there was a significant increase to social security payments, it was done by a Labor government.

(*That means voting for Labor, the only party that can remove the Liberals and actually Govern to enact change – Trish)

In 2009 it was Labor that increased the age pension and the disability support pension by $30 a week—the largest increase to the pension in its history. And you know how that came about? The newly elected Labor government commissioned the Harmer review into the adequacy of the pension.

A proper policy process was undertaken, there was consultation with key stakeholders, and we increased the age pension and DSP. It was announced in the budget and paid for in the budget. The pension was increased by $30 a week and, as a result, one million Australians were lifted out of poverty. That’s how you bring about change.

That’s how you lift people out of poverty. It didn’t happen because of a stunt in the Senate from a minor party like the Greens. It happened because a Labor government was in office and able to bring about change. Labor can actually bring about change, not just talk about it like the Greens.




About trishcorry

I love to discuss Australian Politics. My key areas of interest are Welfare, Disadvantage, emotions in the workplace, organisational behaviour, stigma, leadership, women, unionism. I am pro-worker and anti-conservativism/Liberalism. You will find my blog posts written from a Laborist / Progressive Slant.


34 thoughts on “More Lies From The Greens – Newstart

  1. These greens stunts damage Australia worse then PHON have ever done because their treachery is right at the heart of the greatest issues we currently have

    1- When the Greens decided to NOT support the Kyoto Protocol and vote with the LNP to scuttle Rudd Labor ETS and 20% RET [both in line with Kyoto} they became AGW vandals putting currently Australia into the worst class of polluters after LNP/PUP/Xbench killed of Gillard/Labor CPRS

    2- This treachery is the most sickening as to current HR abuses and that is the Greens are directly responsible for the reopening of Manus/Nauru
    yet somehow they try and take the moral high ground for a policy that Gillard/Labor had when Greens had similar policy

    I have a litany of Greens treachery,but these two issues are the greatest catastrophes they have bestowed on Austrailia
    The sooner they go the way of the Democrats the better
    I`m looking forward to catching 4 Corners on IView today Trish

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Bighead1883 | August 15, 2017, 9:17 am
  2. Senator Cameron strikes me as one of the few ‘true Labor people’ in the federal parliament. He has always advocated for the working class, in fact I recall an interview 20 odd years ago when they used to have two sides of a debate represented on TV current affairs programs, Doug Cameron was pitted against a person (lets say for example) the CEO of Fisher& Paykel who was whinging about something or other, well Doug Cameron knew so much about the subject that he blew the other fellow out of the room. He really is the working person’s champion what a great shame that there were not more like him in the Labor Party.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by townsvilleblog | August 15, 2017, 9:32 am
  3. thank you Trish

    my god…. I reacted exactly as the Greens wanted… tweeted my disgust with Labor

    sad… strong Labor supporter like me swallowed hook line and sinker

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by David Brown | August 15, 2017, 10:18 am
  4. The Libs must love your blog posts, Trish. Stirring up dissent among lefties distracts us all from the repugnance of the Coalition. I hope one day you see the errors of your ways and how this sort of posting in May and June of 2016 enabled Turnbull to hang on. Just.


    Posted by thebustopher | August 15, 2017, 10:34 am
    • Peter don’t attack the Author as you normally do on AIMN. Try critically engaging with the content.


      Posted by trishcorry | August 15, 2017, 10:36 am
    • This article is written with Greens shills like you in mind and just as you are what you eat,in your case you are what you say,a hypocrite

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by Bighead1883 | August 15, 2017, 10:41 am
    • Why must the Libs love Trish’s post when she is simply pointing out Greens deceptions.
      Labor owes the Greens NOTHING
      The Greens are a registered political Party, have their own policy, and compete against Labor at every election.
      They have every right to do that, but when they spend 3 years bagging Labor, then after failing again at election want Labor to take them into the tent ,spare me
      thebustopher “Stirring up dissent”, the Greens as a Party, and its membership do that day in day out against Labor,
      In may and June of 2016 did you see Greens deliberately launching their campaign in Albo’s electorate, hear their candidate and Bandt commenting the would prefer an Abbott Government than Shorten, hear the absolute lies and bile they spread in Albo and Pliberseks seats?
      I was there for weeks heard it seen it and followed the online bollocking the Greens gave Labor.
      Did you know the NSW Greens spent more trying to unseat Anthony Albanese than they spent in Turnbull, Abbott, Morrison,Alex Hawke and David Gillespie COMBINED {one third of the total state Election budget on Albo alone}
      Which Party causes dissent?

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by Ned Hockey -Redned | August 15, 2017, 4:28 pm
  5. Top job comrade. You seem to be the only one to have the courage to point out Greens deceptions and outright lies.
    I was absolutely amazed that on certain blog sites there is a fair bit of chatter about Media Watch last night, then a pregnant pause and off the go about Q&A. Of course these sites are the usual culprits and they totally avoided any mention of Four Corners and the story on the imploding Greens.No matter it seems Facebook and Twitter lit up.
    I am over some so called “progressive” sites who claim to provide fair and ubfettered reporting……as long as it doesn’t mention, Greens, Greens treachery, Greens infighting etc.
    It seems this isn’t News ….unless it happens to be Labor.
    Keep up the excellent work Trish and don’t let the bastards beat you down

    Biggy, top memes again mate

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Ned Hockey -Redned | August 15, 2017, 11:54 am
  6. The Greens are only want to sucker in the unemployed to support the Greens when in fact those at the top of the Green/Eugenics Movement want to put them at the Top of their culling list for population reduction .

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by stop being sheeple | August 15, 2017, 12:11 pm
  7. Interesting commentary from LABOR that voted against SINGLE PARENTS in 2011 and almost made me and my children HOMELESS, along with 100,000 others in the same boat. Why is an Ultra Right Wing Conservative running LABOR? Labor supporters need to look at the way Labor has been voting. Taking away OUR RIGHTS while voting to HIDE what the Liberal government does? Why does LABOR continue to NOT TAX THE SUPER RICH and support BILLIONS going to MINING and ADANI and BILLIONS to Wilsons running Concentration Camps in third world countries? I will TRUST BILL SHORTEN and LABOR again when he implements a FEDERAL ICAC …. what’s he got to lose?


    Posted by nullgod | August 15, 2017, 2:23 pm
    • NULLGOD,From memory the single parent payment ended for that parent [single mother majority of cases] when the child turned 8
      The parent had options
      1 was to get a job
      2 was to go on Newstart until they got a job
      3 have another child and continue as before
      Which one were/are you?


      Posted by Bighead1883 | August 15, 2017, 5:43 pm
  8. Nullgod, obviously a Green,
    Now I put this list of Labor achievements on another blog site yesterday, only to have it deleted, Sorry Trish if it takes up much space but I really do get sick of the waffle and illogical attitudes as shown by Greens
    • NBN (the real one) – total cost $37.4b (Government contribution: $30.4b);
    • BER 7,920 schools: 10,475 projects. (completed at less than 3% dissatisfaction rate);
    • Gonski education funding reform;
    • NDIS – DisabilityCare;
    • MRRT & aligned PRRT;
    • Won seat at the UN;
    • Signed Kyoto;
    • Signatory to Bali Process & Regional Framework;
    • Eradicated WorkChoices;
    • Established Fair Work Australia;
    • Established Carbon Pricing/ETS (7% reduction in emissions since July last year);
    • Established National Network of Reserves and Parks;
    • Created world’s largest Marine Park Network;
    • Introduced Reef Rescue Program;
    • National Apology;
    • Sorry to the Stolen Generation;
    • Increased Superannuation from 9 to 12%;
    • Changed 85 laws to remove discrimination against same sex couples;
    • Introduced National Plan to reduce violence against women and children;
    • Improvements to Sex Discrimination Act;
    • Introduced plain packaging of cigarettes;
    • Legislated Equal pay (social & community workers up to 45% pay increases);
    • Legislated Australia’s first Paid Parental Leave scheme;
    • Achieved 1:1 ratio of computers for year 9-12 students;
    • Established $10b Clean Energy Bank;
    • Legislated Murray/Darling Basin plan (the first in a hundred years of trying);
    • Increased Education funding by 50%;
    • Established direct electoral enrollment;
    • Created 190,000 more University places;
    • Established My School;
    • Established National Curriculum;
    • Established NAPLAN;
    • Increased Health funding by 50%;
    • Legislated Aged care package;
    • Legislated Mental health package;
    • Created 90 Headspace sites;
    • Created Medicare Locals Program;
    • Created Aussie Jobs package;
    • Created Kick-Start Initiative (apprentices);
    • Fu• Legislated Dental Care package;
    nded New Car Plan (industry support);
    • Created Infrastructure Australia;
    • Established Nation Building Program (350 major projects);
    • Doubled Federal Roads budget ($36b) (7,000kms of roads);
    • Rebuilding 1/3 of interstate rail freight network;
    • Committed more to urban passenger rail than any government since Federation;
    • Developed National Ports Strategy;
    • Developed National Land Freight Strategy;
    • Created the nations first ever Aviation White Paper;
    • Revitalized Australian Shipping;
    • Reduced transport regulators from 23 to 3 (saving $30b over 20years);
    • Introduced NICS – infrastructure schedule;
    • Australia moved from 20th in 2007 to 2nd on OECD infrastructure ranking;
    • International Infrastructure Minister of the Year (2012) awarded to Mr Anthony Albanese;
    • International Treasurer of the Year (2011) awarded to Mr Wayne Swan;
    • Introduced anti-dumping and countervailing system reforms;
    • Legislated Household Assistance Package;
    • Introduced School Kids Bonus;
    • Increased Childcare rebate (to 50%);
    • Allocated $6b to Social Housing (20,000 homes);
    • Provided $5b to Support for Homelessness;
    • Established National Rental Affordability Scheme ($4.5b);
    • Introduced Closing the Gap;
    • Supports Act of Recognition for constitutional change;
    • Provided the highest pension increase in 100 years;
    • Created 900,000 new jobs;
    • Established National Jobs Board;
    • Allocated $9b for skills and training over 5 years;
    • Established Enterprise Connect (small business);
    • Appointed Australia’s first Small Business Commissioner;
    • Introduced immediate write-off of assets costing less than $6,500 for Small Business;
    • Introduced $5,000 immediate write-off for Small Business vehicles over $6,500;
    • Introduced a national levy to assist Queensland with reconstruction;
    • Standardized national definition of flood for Insurance purposes;
    • Created Tourism 2020;
    • Completed Australia’s first feasibility study on high speed rail;
    • Established ESCAS (traceability and accountability in live animal exports);
    • Established Royal Commission into Institutional Sexual Abuse;
    • Established National Crime Prevention Fund;
    • Lowered personal income taxes (average family now pays $3,500 less pa than 2007)
    • Raised the tax-free threshold from $6,000 to $18,200;
    • Raised Australia to the richest per capita nation on earth;
    • First time ever Australia has three triple A credit ratings from all three credit agencies;
    • Low inflation;
    • Lowest interest rates in 60 years (average mortgagee paying $5,000 less p.a. than 2007);
    • Low unemployment;
    • Lowest debt to GDP in OECD;
    • Australian dollar is now fifth most traded in the world and IMF Reserve Currency;
    • One of the world’s best performing economies during and since the GFC;
    • AAA+ Credit Rating;
    • Australia now highest ranked for low Sovereign Risk;
    • Overseen the largest fiscal tightening in nations history (4.4%);
    • 21 years of continuous economic growth (trend running at around 3% pa);
    • 11 years of continuous wages growth exceeding CPI;
    • Increasing Productivity;
    • Increasing Consumer Confidence;
    • Record foreign investment;
    • Historic levels of Chinese/Australian bilateral relations;
    • First female Prime Minister;
    • First female Governor General;
    • First female Attorney General;
    • Introduced Small business $1m loss carryback for tax rebate from previous year;
    • Legislated Australian Consumer law.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Ned Hockey -Redned | August 15, 2017, 4:15 pm
    • Take up all the space you like Ned!


      Posted by trishcorry | August 15, 2017, 4:21 pm
    • I am a HUMANIST and ENVIRONMENTALIST and ECONOMIST and APOLITICAL and ATHEIST and SCIENTIST and PHILOSOPHER and am not so small minded to believe that a policy is bad or good just because of the political organisation that puts it forward.

      Rudd/Swan did some fantastic things for Australia, I loved the apology and they got us through the Global Financial Crisis with flying colours, one of the best recoveries globally!

      Many of the good economic and environmental measures were put in by Rudd/Swan!

      Many of the good things that were done environmentally were from Rudd/Swan/Greens from policies the greens had on the table for years.

      Good Chinese relations are wonderful, but the huge investments into our INFRASTRUCTURE and FARMS and MINES by the CHINESE GOVERNMENT may have been a poor choice. CHINA has very strict regulations against FOREIGN INVESTMENT that perhaps we should consider. Massive Chinese investments should not affect

      Gillard got TWO pay rises in 2011 totaling $130,000 taking her income to $500,000!! WTF!!!
      Gillard/Shorten in 2011 took away 100,000 single parents income dropping them to UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS!!!! WTF!!!
      Gillard is the ATHEIST that gave $250 million to the illegal school ‘CHAPLIN’ project?!?
      Gillard/Shorten destroyed Rudd/Swan because they were trying to make the MINING industry pay some TAX?
      Gillard/Shorten made it LEGAL for ANYONE to LIE in FAMILY COURT without penalty!
      Gillard/Shorten continued the illegal imprisoning of REFUGEES in off shore concentration camps!!!
      Gillard/Shorten stopped the taxes against the super rich going through.

      Shorten who VOTED AGAINST fixing the broken and corrupt back room preference deals to screw with peoples voting! LIBERALS had the most to loose from this and they voted to fix it!!!
      Shorten who VOTED WITH LIBERALS to hide the illegal abuses and rapes on Manus and Nauru with up to TWO YEARS PRISON!!!
      Shorten who VOTED WITH LIBERALS to take away our RIGHTS to PRIVACY on our phones and the internet!
      Shorten who got caught doing deals with the businesses he was supposed to be protecting his union members from!
      Shorten who ‘helped’ Gillard stab Rudd in the back to become then stabbed her in the back to put Rudd back again totally destabilising Labor in the public view and costing the election.

      I am not bedazzled by the colours RED or BLUE or GREEN or whatever, and I wish more others weren’t.

      Standing back and watching I see Shorten voting with the Conservatives again and again on anti-social measures.

      Australia needs less people to be religiously devoted to ‘parties’ and more to think critically, but that is like trying to explain evolution to christians. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by nullgod | August 16, 2017, 5:01 pm
      • You never answered my question Nullgod


        Posted by Bighead1883 | August 16, 2017, 7:10 pm
      • I am proud to be devoted to a party. However what people get confused with is they think party devotion equals complete agreement. It does not. Within Labor our policies are developed through very rigorous debate at branch, regional state and national levels and sometimes it’s very tough. I think it is super insulting to insult a person’s intelligence for party allegiance. Winston Churchill, Paul Keating, Barack Obama and Howard some from all sides and countries were party aligned and dedicated but none of them are dolts and all can think critically. I would rather someone who knows exactly who they are. Who understands deeply the belief system of all parties and can debate the pros and cons from each side. That is someone who thinks critically and understands the impact of each party on society. I say a big get fucked to the rusted on sheep bullshit. I find people who are swinging voters very unsettling because they vote for personal reasons because you cannot vote for best outcomes for the people and swing gladly between the two. Individualism, conservativism free market balance of power to employer and anti welfare has a very very different impact on society than democratic socialism, mixed market, welfare state and unionism. I know where I firmly sit and I don’t find it anything to be ashamed of. I know who the enemy is.

        Liked by 1 person

        Posted by trishcorry | August 16, 2017, 7:24 pm
  9. What a bunch of hysterical miscreants these Greens are.It was wonderful that your article coincided with the very revealing Four Corners episode on ABC last night.
    I often wonder if the Greens main aim in life is to get power, which they fail badly at or just to be a bloody nuisance and create problems for Labor at every opportunity.
    I had a couple of friends who resigned from the Greens not long ago and now after the TV episode,your great articles, and articles on Peter Wicks Wixxyleaks I fully understand why
    This should just about be curtains for Greens NSW and probably more widely

    Liked by 2 people

    Posted by Miriam Possitani | August 15, 2017, 10:18 pm
  10. A little bit of cheer for Trish
    Newspoll: 57-43 to Labor in Queensland – The Poll Bludger

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Ned Hockey Redned | August 16, 2017, 4:12 pm
  11. oops they had the wrong date

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Ned Hockey Redned | August 16, 2017, 4:14 pm

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I love to discuss Australian Politics. My key areas of interest are Welfare, Disadvantage, emotions in the workplace, organisational behaviour, stigma, leadership, women, unionism. I am pro-worker and anti-conservativism/Liberalism. You will find my blog posts written from a Laborist / Progressive Slant.

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