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Scott Morrison – These People Need Kindness More than YOU

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has truly united the country. Every single person with a beating heart and a working brain in Australia is united in their absolute anger towards him. United. Undivided. Shoulder to Shoulder. In anger. Australians have felt Morrison’s true contempt for us and have returned it with unwavering precision.

Kindness. That is Morrison’s answer. His response to abandoning the country as Leader during one of the biggest crises we have ever faced is, that “It is time for the discussion about his holiday to be over and that we should be kinder to each other.”

Kinder!!!! He wants US to be KINDER?? The arrogance just falls right out of his mouth every single time he speaks.

Here are five groups of people who need Morrison to be kind to them, RIGHT NOW. Then we might be kinder to him. (I said Might! OK!)

Our Children

Morrison needs to be kind to our children. Our kids are absolutely terrified. They are terrified of having no future. They discuss with seriousness about whether to have children or not when they grow up. They are terrified of having no clean drinking water and the planet existing in a constant cycle of death and destruction.

Dad’s don’t just promise holidays. They also promise to stand by their kids, protect them always and fight for their future.

Instead of being an actual Dad, Morrison doubled down on his absolute bone headed, mind numbing drivel that we cannot act on climate without harming jobs. Labor has a plan to act on climate change AND protect jobs. Morrison needs to listen to that plan. NOW.

Be Kinder to Our Children, Scott!

To show kindness to our Children – Morrison MUST commit to serious action on Climate Change TODAY.

He could also be kinder by holding a fully televised Youth Summit with two representatives from every single Primary and High School in the country.

Emergency Response Workers and Volunteers

Every single person in the country is emotionally exhausted watching helplessly. We watch as firefighters die, are injured, don’t have proper breathing equipment. We feel helpless as they are pushed beyond all human limits, as they try to save us.

Meanwhile, Morrison was doing bloody tequila shots at a bar in Hawaii. His clown posse back home were literally telling us exploding horse shit is the reason the country is on fire. I know where the horseshit is exploding from and it’s certainly not from the horses!

These incredible, incredible emergency workers have worked tirelessly and some without any compensation whatsoever. Workers and volunteers work in extremely dangerous conditions. Instead of showing true humility, contrition and leadership; Morrison used his arrival as a series of poor taste photo ops. These photos featured his smug face, with hard working emergency responders as the insignificant background. Once again. The arrogance!

Be Kinder to Our Emergency Workers, Scott!

Morrison needs to be kinder to Emergency Response Workers and Volunteers. He needs to treat the impact the climate is having on our country, as serious as he treats security and defense. He needs to fund the absolute hell out of Emergency Planning and Prevention. Mother Nature is at WAR with us. He needs to compensate volunteers for time, expertise and lost wages.

People and Communities Devastated by Fire and Other Disasters

The worst bush fires in our history have the country in mourning. People have died, homes have been lost, businesses destroyed. Children no longer have fathers, husbands and wives no longer have the love of their life and parents grieve the loss of their children.

Amongst all this, is the tight-fisted surplus chasing driven excuse the Government calls “Disaster Relief funding.”

Be Kinder to People and Communities, Scott!

The people do not need Morrison’s faux kindness; nor his thoughts and prayers. He can be much kinder by reinstating Labor’s criteria for disaster relief funding, not punishing communities who have not had the funding for mitigation; admit that the current take on mitigation will not stop events such as massive bushfires or other disasters; but a serious commitment and action on climate change will.

As the Government has been so unkind to ENABLE disasters to occur, he should make a commitment to be kind right now. Anyone who loses their life should have a Government funded funeral and massive compensation to families. We cannot get these people back. He should commit to this immediately.

Workers, Jobless and the Poor

The jobless and underemployed are living in POVERTY, in a first world country. The callousness and punitive set up of the social security system has and is driving people to suicide. People who are loved very much by their families are experiencing self loathing, hunger, homelessness, depression, anxiety, hopelessness and helplessness. This is NOT Kind.

The Morrison Government has shirked all responsibility for job creation. They use joblessness in regions as a sickening plaything to not act on Climate Change. They push back against climate activists who want to shut down jobs without thinking or blinking; by fueling that and insisting there is no other way. It’s Jobs or Climate Action.

Morrison, a known show pony and lazy thinker, finds it absolutely impossible to develop a solution to reinvent communities that are now reliant on coal jobs. He finds it an absurd notion, that as leader of the country he can create new industry and job competition in regions, so coal is not the major employer and stops affecting absolutely everything.

Climate Change Impacts on the Poor

In addition, climate change affects the poorest communities unfairly. Policy direction from all parties is directed at more able and wealthier home owners able to reduce their energy costs, rather than a national plan for ALL homes. We have treated the roll-out of our internet connection with more dedication than reducing energy costs for the poor in this country.

Also, the communities impacted the most by fires, drought, floods and cyclones are the regional, rural and remote communities, that are already so often ignored across ALL policy areas, including climate change.

Be Kinder to Workers, the Jobless and the Poor, Scott!

If Morrison wanted to be truly kind he would create a consortium immediately consisting of State Leaders, Regional Mayors, Unions and Industry affected by the necessary industrial change to forge ahead with climate action. This consortium should not be directed by the energy sector, but a genuine commitment, working with various experts to reinvent and invest in regional communities to truly diversify local economies and create true job competition in regions across energy and non-energy sectors.

Scott Morrison should be so kind as to tell Matt Canavan to stop sitting on NAIF funding and actually spend it.

It would be so unkind to leave these communities behind as global markets decline in demand for thermal coal. It would be so unkind as to agree to environmentalists demands to cease the coal industry NOW and just simply push everyone in to poverty with nothing in its place. It would be unkind to refuse to sit down with Anthony Albanese and not work with Labor on Labor’s plan of action.

Indigenous Communities

Climate change is not just a human rights issue for all of us, but it is a significant human rights issue for Indigenous People. Not just in Australia, but all over the world.

Indigenous people have a deeply inherent and emotional connection to country. It is something, non-indigenous people will never feel. We must accept it is not a part of us and give full respect to those who have this wonderful gift to feel that connection.

Enabling destruction of their country through the politics of division, is arrogant and ignorant. Ignoring the expertise of Indigenous people to care for and respect the land and wildlife, is just plain stupid and endangers all of us.

In addition, climate change impacts on poorer communities which often have a high Indigenous Population. Climate Action policy also has an impact on Indigenous communities. We simply cannot just believe that solutions that do not include Indigenous input, regardless of how well intentioned, are the best solutions for all.

Be Kinder to Indigenous Communities, Scott!

If Scott Morrison believes we need to be kinder to each other, he can also be much kinder and much more respectful to Indigenous Communities and place a specific focus on climate change and climate action policy and how this affects Indigenous Communities. But most of all, actually listen and implement solutions via their concerns and expertise.

If Being Kind is Too Hard, Scott – Call an Election Now

So, Scott Morrison says that it is time for us to be kinder to one another. It is fairly obvious from the above, that there are huge cohorts of people that he does not bestow the same kindness upon. Yet he calls for us to be kind, when he is facing personal criticism for choosing to go on holiday in Hawaii and abandoning the country, in a time of serious crisis.

The main criticisms of Scott Morrison at this time of national crisis, is his lack of leadership. Scott Morrison wants US to be kind to one another. However, he has shown an absolute void of Authentic Leadership. Authentic Leadership requires self awareness, a genuine self, fairness and equality and significant to this time, a moral perspective.

If this challenge of being kind to just five groups of people is too hard for Scott Morrison, he needs to be kind enough to step down.

If he does not have the inherent qualities to be an Authentic Leader, he should be so kind to go directly to the Governor General. Morrison should advise the Governor General that the task of Prime Minister is too difficult for him, request that Parliament is dissolved and call another election, immediately.

Yes, we can be kinder to each other. Let’s start with the level of kindness we need from Scott Morrison, right now.

About trishcorry

I love to discuss Australian Politics. My key areas of interest are Welfare, Disadvantage, emotions in the workplace, organisational behaviour, stigma, leadership, women, unionism. I am pro-worker and anti-conservativism/Liberalism. You will find my blog posts written from a Laborist / Progressive Slant.


14 thoughts on “Scott Morrison – These People Need Kindness More than YOU

  1. So true,all of it Trish

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Bighead1883 | December 22, 2019, 3:46 pm
  2. Thank you for a really well written and thought provoking article Trish Corry, I just hope Scott bothers to read it.

    There is a pervasive cloud of frustration and fury hanging over the country like the choking smoke from the ever present monster fires surrounding so many right now. I fear you are appealing to the better instincts of a man who has none but that will not stop us from challenging constantly the terrible injustices and blatant cruelty perpetrated by this toxic LNP government on those who are vulnerable in our society.

    Scott is too arrogant and possessed by religious zealotry to resign. But I am grateful that people like you are there to remind us that kindness is needed and will win in the end.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Jayne Power | December 22, 2019, 3:50 pm
  3. It is sad these things have to said. They are throwbacks to the 1940’s, deranged and nasty.


    Posted by paul walter | December 22, 2019, 5:58 pm
  4. We have our PM’s thoughts and prayers. What more do we need?
    “I have always believed in miracles.”
    It doesn’t matter if we fuck this planet up. Those who believe will end up on a better one and those who don’t will burn.

    Nature’s fury, as we are witnessing, is indiscriminate, brutal and unforgiving. Kindness isn’t a solution. Hard decisions need to made or the consequences that we are seeing will continue to intensify.

    Labor’s plan which, like the Coalition’s, is just more of the same and is just as deadly.

    “Still today some clerics defend their authority over parishioners by still insisting the Bible is the undeniable authority in understanding the functioning of the universe, the origin of humans and the motive of humans in living on the planet. Some use it as a reason to oppose environmental reforms all together.”

    “Conserve what you’ve got, learn to live with less, open your eyes and enjoy the rest of your day.” — Arthur Berman – Former Amoco scientist



    Posted by Harquebus | December 22, 2019, 9:20 pm
    • Labor’s plan is absolutely nothing like the coalition’s.


      Posted by trishcorry | December 22, 2019, 10:07 pm
      • Labor’s plan is to grow the economy, population and employment. Business as usual. (BAU)
        It is exactly the same and the result will be more of the same. Destructive idiocy at its finest.


        Posted by Harquebus | December 23, 2019, 7:01 am
        • H. Your idea that people don’t need jobs, I very much disagree with.


          Posted by trishcorry | December 23, 2019, 7:03 am
          • Jobs are not the be all to end all. We need a total rethink on the way we provide resources for daily needs and only a very few are thinking about it. Socialism is the only political mindset that can do it and disappointingly, it ain’t even trying.
            If job creation is the only solution that you and your ilk can come up with then, we are well and truly fucked.
            I have proposed alternative ideas to you many times and on each occasion, you have failed to even consider them. How much more death and destruction do you need to see before you reject your indoctrinated “jobs and growth” ideology?


            Posted by Harquebus | December 23, 2019, 7:38 am
            • How do you buy food H? How to you pay for housing? Internet?


              Posted by trishcorry | December 23, 2019, 8:12 am
              • Trish.

                You are asking the wrong question.

                Housing and food I expect to provide myself and have been working to that end. Even then, I put my chances of survival at slim. Sadly, most, including yourself, I expect to see perish. Disease mostly. Sorry, everything points to this scenario.
                I don’t think that the internet will survive.

                The problem is, how do we provide these things fairly in a world of hardship and shortages.
                Like most, you are stuck in the present and expect these things to continue as they are; more work and higher wages to cover increasing expenses. It ain’t gonna be like that. The stuff we buy isn’t going to be there.

                I get laughed at a lot, ridiculed, abused, banned etcetera, as you can imagine. Those that know me aren’t laughing anymore and are following my example. I have my community in place and we are practicing. This should be happening on a national and global scale and is our only hope. Why is it not? How is it that most, including yourself, continue to be deceived by the psychopathic few that benefit from our destructive growth economy?

                Our politicians won’t be there for you. Kindness my arse. They can not rewrite the laws of physics so, what are you going to do? How will you provide for you and yours?

                I did try for nearly 20 years to convince politicians, journalists, bureaucrats and decent people like yourself and those at theAIMN to get our act together. Nope. Business as usual has prevailed and it is killing everything, including us.

                BTW: The article that I posted earlier was for your benefit. Please read. (10 min.) I would like to discuss the subject with you sometime, unlikely as that is and even though I know that you will disagree.
                You have more influence in socialists circles than I do. If I can convince you then, maybe there is some hope that I can convince others also.


                Merry Xmas.

                “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” — Albert Einstein


                Posted by Harquebus | December 24, 2019, 8:53 am
                • H. You simply cannot pretend the world does not exist as it is. Even medicine we need to exchange money. There are many levels of consumerism, and not everyone spends or lives to largesse. Many, many people who work live week to week on just affording the basics. We have clean energy and many options to bring about a better climate, not just pretend we no longer need to earn a wage and live a minimalist self sustaining lifestyle.


                  Posted by trishcorry | December 24, 2019, 9:38 am
                  • Trish
                    You are just plain wrong on so many levels. It’s like trying to educate a rock. You just do not take it in.
                    Unless an alternative political or economic system is devised and implemented, we are gonna wear it. I am disappointed that so many, yourself included are unwilling to think about alternatives let alone implement them.
                    The only solutions being proposed and implemented so far are more of the same but, more efficiently. Yeah, right.
                    None of our politicians, nationally or globally, left, center or right have the courage or the capacity to propose, advocate and make the necessary changes.
                    My pessimism is warranted. The necessary changes will be forced on us in not a nice way.


                    Posted by Harquebus | December 28, 2019, 9:04 am
  5. Well said Trish. You are right the people with a working brain are mad.
    But a power hungry, egotistical person like Morrison and his Liberal colleagues will not call an election until they have as much total control as they can get over the population.
    We live in dangerous times and I fear for the future of my grandkids.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Glenn Jones | December 23, 2019, 2:57 am
  6. Thank you for this great post! I really enjoyed reading it! I have recently published an article on my blog regarding my thoughts on Scott Morrison and his leadership during Australia’s bushfire crisis. If you have time, it would be great if you could check out my post as I would be really interested to hear your thoughts! Thanks 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by thelevinelowdown | January 18, 2020, 7:31 pm

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I love to discuss Australian Politics. My key areas of interest are Welfare, Disadvantage, emotions in the workplace, organisational behaviour, stigma, leadership, women, unionism. I am pro-worker and anti-conservativism/Liberalism. You will find my blog posts written from a Laborist / Progressive Slant.

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