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Bedtime Stories.

Bedtime Stories.

I stare into time’s eyes…She stares back at me. Actually, it isn’t time as in measurement, it’s my cat..she has that stare of eternity..like cats seem to have..like she has been born into forever. I stare into her eyes sometimes as she sits on my lap..we exchange knowledge..I have to admit to her that I … Continue reading

Bedtime Stories #2.

Out here in the Murray Mallee, the flats and slopes of the undulating dales are turning green again after so long a drought. The acres of tree and shrub replanting we did are showing signs of kicking back into life…it was a touch and go moment there when it was so dry. When my … Continue reading

Bedtime Stories #3.

Got the old shack up for sale…years ago, back in around 1980..we (the family / brother, sister and the old folks) chipped in a few hundred quid each and bought this block of land on the peninsula and I built a holiday shack there..sure an it was built on the dirt cheap , out … Continue reading

Bedtime Stories #4.

“Saffron The  Brave”. The last of the old hens passed away today..That just leaves two of the young ones left..I made a note to buy another two soon, while I went to get the long-handled shovel to bury the old girl..I did the deed in the “Domestic Cemetery” where we bury all the lovely creatures … Continue reading

Bedtime Stories #5.

The search for soul… Down the Adelaide Central Market, between Marino’s butchers and the Samtass fish market, there is a walk-through breezeway to Gouger Street. Years ago there was an arcade type stall there selling second-hand books..it was run by a bloke in his fifties, if I recall…I used to browse there when I was … Continue reading

Bedtime Stories #6.

Aphrodite’s Handmaids.. Ok..let’s talk about barmaids…When I think back on the subject, and I have to “think back” because I no longer inhabit the locales where barmaids are to be found!…age HAS wearied him..and I am no longer haunted by strange, unrealisable fantasies! But I have to admit, as a once keen drinking man, … Continue reading  

Bedtime Stories #7.

Haunted with History. So I drive to the town, pick up a few groceries, check the mail, chat a while..a bit of goss..a bit of this an’ that and then hit the road to home again…and that is where the haunting starts. You’ve seen them, as you drive along the main roads and the back … Continue reading

Bedtime Stories #8.

The Cabal of Complicity. There is a curious double standard inherent in these regional communities that goes way back to the pioneer days and has it’s roots deep in the soil of “old family / old traditions” loyalty. Sure and it is a misguided loyalty in these times as those same “old families” have … Continue reading

Bedtime Stories #9.

Those Roman Women! (From “History of Rome” ; Theodore Mommsen) An equally characteristic feature of this period was the emancipation of women.  In an economic point of view the women had long since made themselves independent; in the present epoch we even meet with solicitors acting specially for women, who officiously lend their aid to … Continue reading

Bedtime Stories #10.

Come Saturday Morning..; The Contract. Saturday mornings were a special moment for us youth in our little group. This was in the days of our mid-teens, too young to go to the pubs but old enough to have a motorcycle licence. All of us, to a lad, were apprentices…most of us were in the building … Continue reading

End of stories.

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Tradie Carpenter. ret'.. Much work, many places, long time, much traveled, met many good and not so good people..will tell you about them some day.


One thought on “Bedtime Stories.

  1. Anyone who comes to this blog with a skerrick of working-class decency left in their body and soul just HAS to watch this video!!…if you don’t…then damn your soul to sheol !! https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2021/03/vote-for-bonnie-prince-bob-in-edinburgh-central/


    Posted by freefall852 | March 22, 2021, 7:18 am

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