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In Sunshine and Shadow.

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At seventy years, I am retired now from my trade as a carpenter..and yes , I draw on the aged pension..and no..I have no investment property, no portfolio of stocks or shares, I draw no extra dividends from any sort of financial investments…What you see is what you get I’m afraid. No..I am just your average retired boomer-generation tradie who started work at fourteen years old and finished at sixty-five…still functioning in health if lacking some of the more attractive physical attributes that are the markings of our youth…and I’ll leave THAT there!

No…I have no investment things at all…after all, what could a working person afford on a living wage that left little over at the end of a year except to take the family on a short holiday down the coast or to the alps (on a good year)?….that or in the family home we must bide. No, the working/producing classes of this nation have always been too busy earning a living wage from dawn to dusk in one work-platform or another, in sunshine and shadow, too busy and not wealthy enough to invest in anything more than home and family…two integral structures that support a healthy society that now appear to be more and more out of reach of this post-modern casualised workforce.

Yet, I see these “committees” of the LNP. doing a travelling circus routine up and down the east coast, gathering together so many “self-funded retirees”(has there ever been more a misnomer?…”self-funded!!” what! Do they print their own money?) outraged at losing so much soft/ill-gotten gain at the expense of the taxpayer..holding so much money and assets that is more than adequate than the average retired citizen ever earned on a “p-a-y-e” wage in their lifetime..and STILL wanting more?…and care little for the rest of the citizen body who struggle on like some flowers dying.

Where has all this hunger for wealth and greed come from?…All this financial insecurity so that one must aspire to the wealth of a Croesus before one reaches an age where they have time enough if not health enough to use it? If it is true that the lower strata of a society take example from the behaviour characteristics of those above them in status, then we have to look to that class that gives example and ethics to the rest of a nation.

And what do we find?

Given that the upper-middle classes control the financial houses of the nation, the politics of the nation, the security, policing and judicial authorities of the nation, the corporate boards, the public utility authority boards, the control of the major communications, health, education and river and water management boards of the nation…etc…and given that there is hardly ANY ONE of those above authorities, boards, banks and political institutions that have not been corrupted, out-sourced, damaged and in some cases sold off and destroyed….one is inclined to inquire..: Just who the hell is in charge of this nation??

And of course..we need look no further for the answer than those self-promoting “Lounge-lizard Lotharios” growing fat on the proceeds of taxpayer funded junkets and property portfolios so generous that a legion of lobbyists, accountants, lawyers and journalists are kept in full-time employment making excuses for, securing the position and boosting of these loathsome leeches on the State body corporate…at least SOME are gainfully employed! These upper-middle class politicians, speculators and entrepreneurs now as thick on the ground as an Autumn frost on the slopes of mount Baw Baw.

Just WHO did buy all that gold that Costello sold off at a bargain basement price?…anyone YOU know?…and what did happen to all those gigalitres of water that DIDN”T run into the Murray-Darling Basin?…do YOU see any of it? …Did it just…..evaporate into thin air?….and that bit about the Great Barrier Reef dying and the half-billion dollars paid to some obscure mob to “fix it”….and the continuing soap-opera of the NBN?…and why is my Telstra “Mobile Broadband” bill still one of the biggest monthly expenses when I still cannot get a half-decent/reliable broadband connection that gives above 5mbps download and our mobile phones can neither send nor receive calls or emails unless we run about the house, inside and outside tyring to find that elusive “sweet-spot”?….and is the chaos of “private public transport”, aged care, disability care, electricity, fuel and general pollution still under control of the marvellous miracle of private ownership in the city?…it’s not out here in the regions, because we have little of those things that even resemble uniformity or usability!…out here in the sticks, it would almost appear that you are on your own and the devil take the hindmost!

So who are the “brilliant minds” and organisers running this cockamamie enterprise?…Oh!..that’s right..those same : Private wealth, Private educated, private enterprise but with public authority ponces who have risen like a chancre on the backs of the working/producing classes. Those same pustulant boils that ooze verbal slime from their lick-spittle lips that lie more proficiently than railway sleepers on the Indian Pacific stretch on the Nullabor Plain and work just about as often as the same.

If you want to know the actual names of all those who have sold our gold, our commodities, our utilities and services, downgraded or on-sold our national infrastructures – roads, transport, water usage, communications…who have undermined, destabilised and demoralised our national psyche, our national integrity, our national code of decency in human relations…who has corrupted and infected the operation of our Parliaments State and Federal, made our foreign relations intentions a laughing-stock on the world stage and in general delivered our once rightfully honourable nation to the feet of the gods of war and waste, then you need look no further than the “Who’s Who” of Australia past and present editions, the gilded names on the panels hung in the Board of Directors rooms of any number of corporations national or international, the LNP members of The Houses of Parliament or simply consult the charters of enlistment in those exclusive private schools and colleges of the nation….they’re ALL there.

Yet, will they come to the assistance of those whose living standards lay dying?

This..OUR nation has been sold off piecemeal in both body and spirit, heart and soul, in sunshine and shadow by the upper-middle classes for their own and ONLY THEIR OWN benefit. It has NOT been the petty middle-classes of the skilled trades, it has NOT been the semi-professional workers or the small agricultural producers and family businesses…We have been betrayed by that class of society that has structured its own higher-echelon network to embrace those most suited to their deviousness and greed and excluded those from their ranks who show the first signs of honour and decency…these upper-middle classes are NOT the employers of Australian workers, rather, they are the “Judas Iscariots” selling the heart of our nation for a paltry thirty pieces of silver…leaving the working poor to be crucified on the cross of penury, sickness and homelessness…instead of honouring our national needs.

Now, with an election coming up, it is becoming time for all good people to come…NOT to the aid of that party of robber barons…but to the aid of our country, for while the spivs, spielers and speculators are come and gone with their ill gotten gains, the solid citizenry will still be here..as the song goes…..”in sunshine or in shadow”… after all, where else would we want to go..for this is our home.

Now every citizen who wants to be considered a decent citizen must look less to their own selfish needs and instead look to the health now and for the future of the nation.


About freefall852

Tradie Carpenter. ret'.. Much work, many places, long time, much traveled, met many good and not so good people..will tell you about them some day.


2 thoughts on “In Sunshine and Shadow.

  1. Do you remember that sell-off of ETSA under a certain Mr Lucas, Treasurer in a Liberal government in SA, back in the 90s? The same Treasurer Lucas who is now, with Premier Marshal, happily accepting Federal funds to help reduce the extortionate power prices we have paid since that day? No one in the media has thought to explore this contradictory transaction that makes a mockery of the Liberal Party policies that still hold sway in the state and federal Parliaments. And we are supposed to believe they tell the truth and act in our best interests?

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Caroline Barlow | April 19, 2021, 11:51 pm
    • I certainly DO remember…if ever there was a little shit plumbing for the “top job” it has to be Lucas…and I also recall the Liberals selling off the ETSA building there on the corner of Greenhill Rd. and Glen Osmond Rd. for the princley sum of $1…in exchange for the MUCH lesser “Black Box” there at Anzac Hwy’, Mile End.

      And who will not recall the “gifting” of the Anzac Hwy end carpark there at Colley Reserve to their coterie of “maates” to turn into a marina, with two select apartments reserved to Olsen’s wife?….a most egriegous “deal” involving a cabal of “Old School Tie” fellows…

      If people were to collate the damage done to human society since the kick-off of the industrial revolution, where the Middle-classes really gained a footing in both political and economic advantage by the systematic destruction of cultural ties to region and town, the destruction of the environment and the wrecking of the craft-skills base of the common folk to the breaking up and displacement of whole communities…which one of the best examples was the immigration of the Germanic settlers to Sth Aust’ from Selisia etc..and the creation of city slums and gross poverty which became in a perverted way the “measure” of a merchant’s wealth by comparison…then we would condemn that class to the perdition of everlasting scorn and disgust rather than aspire to emulate such degenerate behaviour!


      Posted by freefall852 | April 20, 2021, 8:26 am

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