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A Response to “Does the Labor Party Deserve Our Vote”

This article is a response to Noely Neate’s article in Independent Australia – Does the Labor Party Deserve our Vote?  This article challenges statements made within Ms. Neate’s article, which I strongly argue misrepresents Labor’s position on various policy areas. In addition, I will add further discussion to the arguments surrounding the AA Bill.  This article also discusses the political motivations of those who actively campaign against voting for the major parties. 

Seriously Unhappy with Labor

Central to Ms. Neate’s article is how she is very unhappy with the Australian Labor Party.  Listed are a range of policy areas that Ms. Neate either explicitly or implicitly states Labor either supports, or  that Labor does not stand up against bad Liberal Policy and Bad Liberal Programs. 

Review of Centrelink

There have been a number of issues I have been seriously unhappy about when it comes to the ALP. I don’t like how they waffle about “doing a review of Centrelink” when they know damn well people are living in poverty.

(Neate, 2018) 

Here it is implied that Labor does not give a stuff about people on Centrelink and are using delaying tactics to not commit to a rise in Newstart. 

The Importance of a Review

The reason why Labor is able to commit to a review – is that they are not in Government. When pressed on the review system, Bill Shorten has stated that “You don’t review something to cut it.” 

In his budget reply speech, Bill Shorten also said that “Jobseekers living in poverty is unacceptable.”

Labor is completing a full review, because the payment is not separate from the system.  There will be a vote at Labor conference for a Newstart increase, but I expect that will still be linked somehow or need to be revisited with a review of the entire Jobsearch framework; which is currently a punitive, draconian mess under the Liberal party. A review of the Jobsearch Framework, current mutual obligation participation requirements and associated punitive measures is necessary, as the punitive compliance procedures all affect payments. 

Contrary to the anger that is present in Ms. Neate’s article that a review is a bit of a a joke. It is a necessary requirement to get this policy area right. 

In addition, connected with a review of the payments system, will be Labor’s commitments to training, TAFE, Higher Education, Apprenticeships, commitments to the awards system and a commitment to enforcing a liveable minimum wage.  All which will have impacts on how the payment system is calculated. 

A Commitment to Raise Newstart

News reports today in the Courier Mail and on Sunrise state that Newstart Recipients will receive a significant increase under Labor, in reference to the vote at conference.  This is an important point to include, because (and I think I can speak for most Labor Twitter people I engage with) the frustration for “us Labor people” or “Diehard Labor Supporters” as we are referred to in the article, is the frustration that democratic processes that are vital to any progressive party, are ignored in commentary such as this. Instead, the purposeful absence of such is used to advance an argument. Which is a disingenuous argument. 

Labor Just Doesn’t Stand Up 

The article then moves on from delaying tactics around Newstart to explicitly stating that ‘Labor is not standing up.” I will detail each of these issues separately. Including Work for the Dole and PATH. Ms. Neate implicitly states that Labor are supportive of these Liberal initiatives, and is so angry about that, she exclaims;  “I won’t even start on Work for the Dole or the rorting PaTH program.”

Nor have they stood up for those being harmed by robo-debt, punished with the cashless welfare card, or given dodgy demerit points by private job providers earning a fortune at the expense of people, many of whom would rather be anywhere else than on social security.

(Neate, 2018)


The system of debt matching was developed under a Labor Government. However, the implementation of this software under the Liberal Government is the key difference. The Liberals shifted the onus of proof from the Department to the recipient.  In short, the recipient must prove that the Department’s claim is false.  In this case, procedural fairness is non-existent. 

With regards to Labor not standing up against Robo-Debt, the first inclusion to dismiss this claim, would be the actual evidence of the Labor Party members participation in the Senate Enquiry Committee.  Labor party members on this Committee include Senators Bilyk, Brown, Dodson and Polley. 

In another act of not standing up against Robo Debt, Labor members as part of the Committee tabled recommendations to the Government.  These recommendations include, to put the system on hold until procedural fairness and other recommendations could be addressed.

Although Labor are always posed as the Bad Guys, the Liberal Party who is always let off Scot Free, rejected the recommendations and offered up their own dissenting report, based on the reason that the Committee report was biased and the Government rejects that the online system lacks procedural fairness. 

Senator Murray Watt and Linda Burney, MP, also have not been standing up by being incredibly vocal on this issue.  Again by not standing up, Labor also commissioned legal advice regarding the release of personal details of a recipient by the Government.  Labor in not standing up against RoboDebt, then led a concentrated charge at the Government for the Minister to stand down, in light of this legal advice.

Cashless Welfare

In 2014, the Indigenous Jobs and Training Review recommended a trial of the Cashless Welfare Card.  Labor agreed to this trial period.  Labor has stated they agreed with the trial period in two geographical areas, due to the support from these communities. This is contentious, as some community members have been quite vocal about their opposition and deny that there was ‘community support.’ 

During the trial period, Labor said that they would look at the evidence from a trial. This is another sticking point for the ‘Labor bashing crew’ who get quite angry at any type of evidence based policy. Well, they get angry at the bit where Labor needs to ‘collect the evidence.’  If a trial does not occur and evidence is not produced that the trial is ineffective; then the policy item would just keep being pushed as ‘needed’ and keep gaining public momentum. Without evidence to highlight ineffectiveness, such a policy could be rolled out nationally and forced upon people in the most arbitrary and draconian manner.

Those who advocate loudly to ‘not vote Labor’ risk reducing Labor’s numbers to fight propositions such as this. 

The 2017-18 Trial Extension Initiative was offered up by the Government, in the form of Social Services Legislation Amendment (Cashless Debit Card) Bill 2017.   In 2017, post a Committee Inquiry into the legislation, Labor produced a dissenting report.  This means they were against the roll out of further trials. 

The dissenting report covered issues such as, that there is no evidence to extend the trial areas (to areas such as Hinkler) and that the existing trial must have a guarantee of funding for social supports to be in place and limitations on the amount of participants in the trial.  

Further evidence that Labor stood up for Cashless welfare, is evidenced by votes in the Senate. Labor voted against the Bill. However, the Bill was passed with the support of Hinch, Centre Alliance, Bernardi, PHON, Leyonhjelm and Gichuhi. 

Votes were: 30 for 26 against for all readings, including the 3rd reading of the Bill.  By telling people not to vote Labor, once again, it reduces Labor’s numbers further in the Senate so they are unable to block harmful legislation.

The ruse that is often used is that ‘if Labor votes with the Greens, they can block x, y, z.  As you can see, this is simply not true.

Demerit System (Social Security Amendment Bill)

I find this particular inclusion in Ms. Neate’s article, quite alarming. Labor has spoken up quite vehemently about various sections of this Bill, including demerit points and drug testing.  Maybe it is just me, but I don’t know how anyone missed this one.

Labor does NOT support demerit points. Nor do they support Drug Testing.

The member for Bass spoke passionately about this, as has Senator’s Cameron, Singh and Polley.

As Senator Polley pointed out in her second reading speech, ‘The Liberals tried to ram this Bill through, but Labor referred it to a Senate Inquiry to ensure it was scrutinised.  

Senator Doug Cameron spoke out very strongly against demerit points.  He spoke to evidence from the UK which suggests that these punitive measures create more unemployment and have severe negative affect and severe physical health impacts. 

Senator Cameron castigated Senator Scullion, when in light of evidence that this measure would cause further inequality and have harder impacts in Indigenous Communities, when Senator Scullion said, “It is important we stop characterising penalties as punishment. 

Senator Cameron lividly described Senator Scullion’s comment as “An outrageous statement of paternalism to justify discrimination and damaging social policy”

Although Senator  Cameron was not angry enough for Ms. Neate, I think most of us would agree that when Senator Cameron berates something or someone, he berates at epic level 100. 

Significant amendments were made to this Bill by Labor. However, the Bill was passed 31 to 29 with the support from, Anning, Burston, Georgiou, Griff, Hanson, Hinch, Leyonhjelm and Patrick.  

Possibly, these are all the ‘wonderful Independents’ that Ms Neate suggests people vote for instead of Labor. Ms. Neate claims that: 

“Badgering people to vote against their own interests won’t result in them voting for your interests.”

Perhaps not, but I personally believe it is important to point out that the alternatives (non-majors), who are always presented as a neat little group as ‘much better to vote for than Labor’ are certainly not in the Nation’s interest. 

Senator Storer voted against the Bill with Labor and the Greens. 

Work for the Dole 

Ed Husic, Shadow Minister for Employment and Workforce Participation (literally one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet, just in case you are the only person I haven’t told) has been standing up against Work for the Dole and campaigning with the Australian Unemployed Workers Union (AUWU) for the Government to release the report for Joshua Park-Fing.  Mr. Park-Fing was a participant in the Work for the Dole program and tragically lost his life in an industrial incident, at his placement site for the Work for the Dole Program.  

Ed Husic has expressed serious concerns about the Workplace Health and Safety aspects of the program and the ineffectiveness of the Work For the Dole outcomes. 

Ms. Neate, does not need to start on Work for the Dole, because Labor has committed to cancelling the Work for the Dole Program because it is “punishing people for not being in work.” (Husic, 2018) 

PATH Program

The PATH Program is the mutual obligation program, designed by the Liberals to supply free labour to employers. I have previously written about PATH here. 

Ms.Neate does not need to worry about PATH either, as Labor has already committed to abolish the PATH program and to replace this program with a three part program – Working Futures Program.  This new program will include:

A six-week work readiness course focusing on essential employment skills as well as personal presentation, interview techniques and job hunting.

A six-month work placement with an employer, paid at an award-equivalent training wage.

A fully-funded Certificate III in a subject of their choice

AA Bill – A Wicked Problem

Ms. Neate’s article also speaks to the current passage of the AA Bill. The passage of the Bill was contentious with civil libertarians and the Tech Industry, against Labor’s participation in the passage of the Bill. My take is here.

I framed my article linked above, within the context of a Wicked Problem. There has been a lot of heated debate online regarding this Bill.  The reason for this is, that with a Wicked Problem, there is no perfect solution. Every point of decision making Labor took with a poorly written Bill, that was written by the Government, with the additional complexity of National Security Agency requests and the constraints of time limits*, creates a set of additional problems.  That is the nature of a Wicked Problem.

*No, Shorten could not just make Morrison keep the Lower House open Noely, because Bill Shorten is not the Prime Minister, nor is he in Government.  

People who are not empathetic, or who do not try to understand both sides of the argument, will continue to pile on the hate online. This is because one of the factors to measure a wicked problem is divergence – the competing social beliefs or values connected to the problem. 

Purist Politics

Those who see the passage of this Bill, as a simple issue in Black and White terms, rejecting the context and the political game playing from the Liberal Government, are consistently arguing from the point of purist politics.

Arguments online (and in Ms. Neate’s article) are that Labor just rolled over. Which is not the case, as detailed in my linked article above.  Through this article, I seek to rebut that accusation, through a discussion of purist politics vs democratic socialist politics and decision making theory and incrementalism.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

If Labor rejected the National Security request, this also creates an alternative set of problems. That is, the alternative Prime Minister treating ASIO with contempt and ridicule and not taking their requests seriously. This would have serious domestic and international ramifications, simply due to the external observable nature of such behaviour. (In context, the Prime Minister, left the responsibility up to the opposition leader, by clocking off for drinks. This further highlights the incompetence of this accidental Prime Minister.)

Bill Shorten had the choice between ignoring the National Security Request for urgency; or if he chose to pass the Bill (which he did) the alternative set of problems he accepted, were that the Bill was flawed and was not complete with all amendments debated or passed. The IT industry and civil libertarians have serious concerns regarding the Bill. With this choice, Shorten risked getting many within the public offside. Which is also a dilemma close to an election.

For those saying Shorten had no choice and rolled over, are ignoring the complexity of the decision making process, within the context of the problem. 

Decision Making and Incrementalism

To add to the framework of a Wicked Problem from my previous article; the point of difference between the purists and the democratic socialists, can be discussed using Decision Making Theory and Incrementalism. 

Rational Decision Making

The Purists arguing that Shorten just rolled over, are approaching this issue, with the view that Shorten should have used rational decision making. They have identified the solution (do not pass the Bill) and he should have just acted on it.

However, the problem with this, is with Rational Decision Making Theory, the decider (or advocates for the decider) already believe they know the perfect outcome.  This perfect outcome is confined within bounded rationality, where the above, are not cognisant (or maybe they are, but do not appreciate) the severity of the alternative problems, their ‘perfect outcome’ may cause.  In short, their perfect outcome, is limited within their own scope of knowledge or bias and does not extend outside of that. In other words, this decision making model is flawed.

And no, this is not an ‘attack’ on anyone. This is a theoretical perspective and it applies to CEOs, Leaders, Policy Makers, Politicians, World Leaders, every single day. So no, I’m not having a go at anyone. Just getting in first, as his debate has been quite sensitive online. 


Where Shorten really impressed me, under such pressure, due to the political games by the Liberals; was his adoption of incrementalism and the decision making model of choice under uncertainty. 

Due to the nature of the problem, as described above, with either choice, resulting in an alternative problem, Shorten had to adopt the Choice under Uncertainty model of decision making. Although this model is prominent within Economics, no actor within this problem, can be certain of any outcome for this problem.  A choice had to be made, weighing up various possibilities, problems extending from those possibilities and making a choice to maximise the most beneficial outcome. Shorten should be given credit for this, due to the time limit and the complexity of the problem. (I think this is more where my frustration lies – the difficulty I have with some people who disagree with my position, who cannot see the complexity and constraints Shorten was faced with, as we discuss this ongoing debate and who are piling on the disdain). 

With this approach, his decision balanced the urgency to meet the National Security request and offered alternative progress to try to meet the needs of the IT Industry and civil libertarians. He did this by securing further discussion of amendments and a public review, in the formal motion to pass this Bill. This satisfies the objective of success for incrementalism. That is the expertise of all stakeholders are included. 

This advances a complex problem through incrementalism, by enabling further steps to achieve a greater success. By Shorten adopting Incrementalism it is also an advantage. It will allow all politicians and the those with concerns to present their arguments at a public review.  (For those who deny this is happening, Penny Wong’s newsletter today states that submissions will be called soon). 

Alternatively, those who seek out purist political solutions adopting the rational decision making model, have difficulty tolerating any compromise towards progress, and compromise progress itself.

Anti-Majorism – A Political Agenda

The purpose of this article was to respond to Noely Neate’s article in Independent Australia, where she posed the question, “Does the Labor Party Deserve Our Vote” and also discussed general upset at certain positions of the Labor party on various issues. I have responded in detail. Sorry for the long read, but much like in parliament, the ‘anti-majors’ can really say whatever they like, and Bloggers who write with a laborist slant, like me, (about Labor) have to produce evidence and argument. Its just the way it is, folks. I speak from experience!

No – Anti-Majorism is not a word – I just made it up.

Misleading Statements are not Facts

Posing an argument for voters to question their voting intention about any party, should not be presented using misleading statements as facts. It’s duplicitous and regardless of whether a person is “party aligned” I would very strongly argue it is 100% political.

There are many (some with quite prominent followings) on social media and online blogs with the view that the majors are tainted and push this messaging. Who link Liberal and Labor together as one in the same and blame Labor for the Liberal’s Bills, practices, programs and behaviour. These people are minor party and IND supporters.

An entrenched political campaign

I don’t buy the position that “speaking up against the majors” is a pure non-political pursuit of social democracy, championed by people who are much better thinkers than the partisan aligned of the majors. I completely reject this idea and that is the theme of the arguments they often present on social media.

I would argue it is a deeply entrenched political campaign based on the belief that Individualism should take prominence over collective platforms the major parties have based on their central ideology.

I would also argue that it is based on Individualism through ego, as they believe the minor parties and Independents will represent their view (often falsely represented as speaking for my community, which is a technical impossibility. There is no community where everyone will agree) or speaking for “my issue”.

This is as opposed to the collective platform nature of the majors who need to speak for the national interest as a whole and implement that based on the practical methods as directed by their over-arching political ideologies. It is a me versus us argument. 

Their Way is Best

It’s also based on the belief that no compromise, purist politics is extremely easy, and effective. Because that is the behaviour espoused by the politicians they admire. Purist politicians believe that everyone must compromise to meet their (superior) demands and get quite shouty when others simply do not agree that their way is best.

Therefore, Purists believe that the major’s (particularly Labor) are too evil, too stupid or too lazy to “do what’s right”. 

It’s the rejection of or ignorance of, that compromise in a democratic society is not only the reality but often a necessity to make incremental progress towards securing outcomes for progressive issues. It should ‘just happen.’  They will often tout Labor’s incremental approach as “just a pathetic excuse.”

These purists believe that the two Majors never get it right because the minor parties (Greens PHON etc) or IND they look up to, have the luxury of saying and not doing (Governing).

Why Labor will get my Number 1 Vote

If one fights the Liberals instead, there are a whole range of condemning facts to go wild with. But instead, the anti-major party advocates, always attack Labor, when they present this argument. 

I have done my best above to present Labor in a factual light, in contrast to what I argue are misleading statements/innuendos, inherent assumptions, call them what you will, within Ms. Neate’s article; which reads as a bid to have voters question their voting intention for Labor. By clarifying some of the broad statements within the article on IA, I hope I have given the reader a very different view of Labor’s position on various policy areas. 

Presenting Labor in a factual light, would also list literally hundreds of progressive reforms enabled in society because of the Labor Party. Which would not happened if the type of argument in Ms. Neate’s article, to keep Labor out of power, by voting for someone else, was successful. We have already lost years of progress because of the Liberals.

That’s the difference between the collective of Liberals, minor parties, Independents and Labor and why Labor will get my number 1 vote.

About trishcorry

I love to discuss Australian Politics. My key areas of interest are Welfare, Disadvantage, emotions in the workplace, organisational behaviour, stigma, leadership, women, unionism. I am pro-worker and anti-conservativism/Liberalism. You will find my blog posts written from a Laborist / Progressive Slant.


26 thoughts on “A Response to “Does the Labor Party Deserve Our Vote”

  1. A Truly, Very Well Written Article Trish, More Down To earth – Honest – Straight Forward And More Factual

    Liked by 3 people

    Posted by Stuart Tomlinson | December 13, 2018, 6:59 am
  2. Good work


    Posted by teddyseaTed | December 13, 2018, 7:14 am
  3. Labor will also get my vote. …. it is a no brainer.
    And congratulations on an extremely well researched piece of writing! …

    Liked by 3 people

    Posted by lefturnahead | December 13, 2018, 7:35 am
  4. You should ask IA if you can publish this in reply. Thank you for this. Labor has to fight everyone else all the time. I am sure they’ll appreciate your wonderful effort.

    Liked by 2 people

    Posted by 2gravel | December 13, 2018, 7:36 am
  5. Well said, Trish. I just posted another response to you on IA, then saw your link. What I said was virtually the same as you’ve written here. The risk of electing single issue fruitcakes is very real when people who live in their virtual world imagine that punishing Labor and the LNP equally will bring about Nirvana.

    Labor has an uphill battle being constantly under attack from the MSM and multi nationals with massive advertising expenditures; and a host of flying monkeys blotting out the comments sections of the MSM. To read the same fact free Labor criticisms in a media outlet I respect is disappointing to say the least.

    I’ll keep your blog site on my favourites list

    Liked by 3 people

    Posted by Chris Harding | December 13, 2018, 8:00 am
  6. I have seen some great stuff written,asking the most obvious of questions Trish, “why do people vote against their own best interests” & I see here with this response to Noely`s article one of the better answers to this question.

    Purists like the Greens & dreamers like those who believe in Independents have the same if not worse major flaw to their thinking than to a ” pure as driven snow socialism that only ever existed in a manifesto” to a ” having 150 Independents in the HoR”

    The corporate media has it`s agenda set by global economic controllers { central bankers} which was clearly defined by Yanis Varoufakis when as Greek Finance Minister he was told by the German Finance Minister,Shauble ” elections cannot be allowed to change economic policy”
    In saying this,there`ll be no “Social Democratic ” government under their watch as we saw so clearly in the destruction of the Bernie Sanders putsch in the US by the “crimes of the DNC” Bernie would have won

    We saw Corbyn cut into the Tory vote dramatically but not quite get that as DUP came to May`s rescue

    We saw Shorten only fail by 1 seat at his first attempt at having a hung parliament

    We saw Jacinda Ardern win in NZ with NZ Labour & their Social Democratic policies which gives hope to the ALP winning in a landslide after leading in all 50 polls conducted since the 2016 election

    Pure as driven snow
    1 – This first gave Australia NO ETS,therefore no market based vehicle like the very successful EU Mk2 model begun in 2005
    This destructive ideology [environmental AGW vandalism] led by Bob Brown enacted by Milne has seen Australia retreat to obscurity as far as CC action is concerned
    The economic crime of not passing Rudd`s ETS has put back renewables production here in Australia nearly a decade & the ensuing jobs created by this

    2- Refugees could have been Malaysians with 150 being Kiwis,all set up under Gillard,but no we must be purists at whatever cost to refugees because ” we hate Labor” & want to take their place as Opposition to the LNP

    Those 2 things are the greatest in purist crimes committed to Australia whether in fact or international standing those stand out clearly [other stuff minor compared ]

    Independent Dreamers

    Imagine this if you can,150 Independents having to look after a nation with complete self interest at heart [their being there depends on it from their electorates] planning for the greater good?
    Oh FFS,it would be a bloodbath

    If you hate what`s happening to Australia,then vote Labor & make sure you vote 1 above the line for them in the Senate because Labor know better whom they can effectively work with in the Senate than we do

    When I see 80 or so names on the BIG white paper I never heard of 3/4 of them & I`m fairly politically switched on

    Thanks Trish

    Liked by 3 people

    Posted by Bighead1883 | December 13, 2018, 8:18 am
  7. Trish,

    Once again Excellent article, with fact and sound argument and analysis. I just wanted to add one thing if I may.

    “Badgering people to vote against their own interests won’t result in them voting for your interests.”

    I assume M/s Neate’s meaning of this statement is Labor badgering people to vote against their own self interests. I refute that argument because labor hasn’t badgered anyone. Labor supporters on twitter might have put up a loyal defense but “Badgering” is over the top.

    In contrast to this the Tech community (whoever they are, because most of them are avatars). Have actually written an open Letter to Bill Shorten and the ALP and called them “Idiots” .

    As well as Badgering people (Bill Shorten and the ALP). This is also extremely rude and poor judgment. You just don’t have any part of any negotiation where you call one of the participants an “idiot”. Unless of course you want to start a war.

    So back to the phrase above, consider this. Isn’t M/s Neate badgering Labor voters to vote against their own interests by badly researched facts, poor analysis and therefore biased opinion?

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Vince O'Grady | December 13, 2018, 8:58 am
  8. And my vote too.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Geoff Geyer | December 13, 2018, 11:48 am
  9. Another thorough and well-reasoned article. Thanks, sister. “anti-majors” is the neologism of the week. I bow deeply with palms pressed together. If you need a meme, for illustration purposes, please use anything you find useful at my page #memestream. Or suggest an idea. https://www.facebook.com/pg/memeprojection/photos/?ref=page_internal

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Metta Bhavana | December 13, 2018, 2:10 pm
    • Thanks Metta. I’ll check it out. By the way, your name is close to my favourite mythology figure ever – Métis. She was so smart Zeus got jealous and ate her. She gave him such a headache that zeus’ head cracked open and she got out. My kind of woman lol.


      Posted by trishcorry | December 13, 2018, 2:38 pm
  10. Beautifully put as usual Trish, these tory apologists try to discredit Labor with their muddying of the waters, hoping to avert the coming electoral disaster for the L’NP whenever the election is held. My opinion is that SloMo thinks God will save him, how wrong he is lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by townsvilleblog | December 13, 2018, 9:37 pm
  11. Thanks Trish. Excellent response.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by elliemail | December 13, 2018, 11:05 pm
  12. The Labor Party is no different to the Coalition in advocating the destructive ideology of growth and both parties keep electing the most stupid candidates as their leaders. Bill Shorten is a moron who is not capable of developing a new and required ideology. He will only ever come up with cleverer ways to support the current destructive failing system.

    There are no and will be no policies coming from the Labor Party in reducing pollution and restoring the environment while they continue to advocate growth and consumption.

    Having resided in rock solid Labor electorates, my vote has been pretty much useless however, in the senate I alwasy seek out Penny Wong’s name and start counting backwards from there. South Australia lost one Labor senator in the last federal election and I feel some pride in having contributed to that outcome.

    The Labor Party, when not leading the charge, always actively supports the erosion of our liberties at every opportunity so, consequently, I have always voted them last.

    No, Labor does not deserve our vote.


    Posted by Harquebus | December 15, 2018, 5:34 pm
    • Nice to hear from you H. Thanks for giving some clarity about why so many of the Greens are now championing civil libertarianism. I will need to read up more about the connect between sustainability environmentalists and civil libertarianism. Whilst I’m obviously disappointed you have intense anger towards Labor, you have given me something to research up on. I’ve seen this connection in the online conversations and have found it confusing. I just need to remember not all Greens are Socialists and not all environmentalists are socialist. Thanks H. Interesting contribution.


      Posted by trishcorry | December 15, 2018, 5:42 pm
  13. Hi Trish
    Thanks for your response. A refreshing change from the abuse that I normally recieve from others.
    I do not know why you so vigorously defend the Labor Party when, their policies will destroy our modern civilization just as the Coalition’s will. There is no difference between the major parties nor governments or politicians around the world. They are ALL hell bent on maintaining economic growth. This growth ideology is root cause of most of the world’s problems and the only solution our mad politicians can come up with is to double down on this absurd life destroying ideology.
    The bottom line is, the world will continue to pursue this idiotic growth ideology which, will kill us all and all of your and everyone elses hard work will, in the end, all be for nothing.
    I listened to some of B.S’ speech. It was enough to to confirm to me that, we’re fucked. He is just another idiot.
    Merry Xmas. Happy new year.

    “This suggests that in 5–10 years, the entire mainstream party-political system in this country, and many Western countries, will be completely discredited as crises continue to escalate while mainstream policy solutions serve largely to contribute to them, not ameliorate them. The collapse of the mainstream party-political system across the liberal democratic heartlands could pave the way for the increasing legitimization of far-right politics by the end of this decade…”
    View at Medium.com

    “Crucially, by focussing solely on a changing climate, we can exercise a form of psychological denial in which human civilisation is able to continue chasing infinite growth on a finite planet while yet-to-be-invented technologies are deployed to magically heal the damage that our over-consumptive lifestyles are having on the human habitat.”
    In a future of economic contraction it is far better to be governed consensually by people who understand the predicament and who plan a route to deindustrialisation that has as few casualties as possible on the way down… one reason not to keep voting for parties that dole out corporate welfare at the top while driving those at the bottom to destitution.


    Posted by Harquebus | December 17, 2018, 7:57 am

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I love to discuss Australian Politics. My key areas of interest are Welfare, Disadvantage, emotions in the workplace, organisational behaviour, stigma, leadership, women, unionism. I am pro-worker and anti-conservativism/Liberalism. You will find my blog posts written from a Laborist / Progressive Slant.

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