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Advancing Australia’s Sickness

The poorest of the poor have had their rights revoked and are pushed deeper into poverty because the Government believes in the punitive stigmatising force of cashless welfare, to “motivate” the jobless into jobs the Government is too lazy to create.

Yet, the anger is so quiet.

The oldest of our loved ones can be ripped from family & friends when aged care is sold off to private companies or shut down. They can be abused and treated with disgusting contempt.

Yet, the anger remains constrained.

First Nations people in Central Australia can be freezing in minus 0 cold, and have no warm blankets after they lost all supplies in a flood, but the Government will not help them, so fundraising by Waltja does the job.

Yet, only an eyebrow is raised.

People with disabilities still have limited access and stark inequality in services and lifestyle options.

Yet screams to demand better sound like a muffled cry.

Workers are literally being killed at work because of the ABCC laws, yet the outcry of Murder, Bloody Murder is left to just a few. Those few are castigated and ridiculed by the powerful in Government and the media and sometimes you even join in, and say the words “Union Thug” with gloating and disgust.

Yet, there are no online riots to seek justice for these deaths by insisting on violence as a response.

The majority don’t get angry. The media are not angry and demanding justice. The ones who do are pushed out by the louder, uglier, nastier voices in the Media.

There is no outpouring of anger and suggestions of violence against these perpetrators attacking the common good.

Instead, their platforms are lifted up and up and up, by those already with so much power. So. Much. Power.

But when a nine year old little girl silently protests to change the National Anthem, to actually Advance Australia Fair, so it is inclusive of First Nations people, grown men and grown women – who are mothers and fathers themselves – literally insist violence should be inflicted upon this little girl and some are saying there have been death threats.

Let that sink in – DEATH THREATS. For a silent protest by a nine year old.

Australia has a sickness. A terrible sickness.

If you agree with this violence against a little girl, if you admire and defend the powerful who suggest it – or if you ARE the one suggesting it – on RUOK day, I’ll tell you, you are NOT OK. You certainly are NOT even remotely OK.

You are not, NOT OK in the legitimate illness, “I’ll help you out mate” sense.

You are NOT OK like a sick and twisted, narcissistic, emotionally barren, get off on power and control over others, not OK kind of way.

It is NOT OK to instigate, suggest, advocate or reinforce an opinion of violence towards children. You should not even be allowed to have that right. It’s akin to insisting on violence against a frail 90 year old who has dementia.

You are not a member of some “brave silent majority.”

You are an emotionally deficient, sick minded individual.

An deeply emotionally troubled individual, whose empathy and rationality has been destroyed by the insidious parasite of getting likes and “belonging to a side.”

Or for the powerful among you – the insidious parasite of media fame, money and fortune of the desire to lead “a side.” A side only enabled by you creating hatred and a divide.

No! It is not your “right” to insist anyone should listen to this sick opinion.

You lost that right when you suggested, insisted, agreed with, shared memes about or commented to reinforce the act of physical violence against a little girl whose only crime is to have an opinion.

Violence against a little girl. Violence against a little girl. Again – Violence against a little girl! That is NEVER OKAY.

Jesus Christ! Slap yourselves hard and wake up!

Australia has a sickness. We need a cure. FAST!


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