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The Colossus of Cabramatta – Part One


An absolutely BRILLIANT article!

Originally posted on Too Smart By Half:


It’s easy to score points off a dead man. They rarely put up a fight. All sides of the political spectrum have come out swinging cheap shots since Gough Whitlam’s death last week – The ALP, the Liberals, and the Greens – all trying to rewrite history in their own ink, for their own gain. This three-part series will set the record straight.

Myth # 1 – “The Whitlam government was a shining example of progressive politics. Just like The Greens”

This is a disgusting cheap shot and the biggest insult of all. Gough Whitlam’s entire political life was dedicated to the ALP. Never once did the man work for another party, never once did he renounce his faith, and never once did he align himself with the ridiculous noise that passes for “policy” on the far-left.

Within days of Gough’s passing, The Greens had the shameless audacity to post an image of the man…

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